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   Chapter 21 Week 10 Part 01

Perfect Pregnancy Phase By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 9859

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Manik and nandini were sleeping holding each other when manik sleep broke due to some inconvenience. He opened his eyes and came to conclusion that the reason behind this is the sun rays. Then he saw nandini sleeping beside him with a smile on her face. He smiled and kissed her forehead making her smile more. He was about to get up from the bed when his eyes fell on nandini belly which is visible now slightly. But it's just a three to four inch growth of her stomach. He smiled to core seeing it and he bent down to the level of her belly. He lifted her top and kissed her belly

"Hi babies you both are growing so fast now a days and I am so happy seeing you both like this" he spoke to his babies and kissed her belly again.

"see you both are hiding peacefully in your mother's belly but here I am desperately waiting for both of you to come out, but you both don't want to come out soon but don't worry I will wait for you patiently" he spoke again and caressed her belly with his hands.

"see even I can see the veins that pass oxygen, nutrients for you now as they are clearly seen now but I am not able to see you so come fast my babies" he spoke kissing her belly again and again.

He then felt hands in his hairs and he knew it is nandini. He looked at her with a smile on his face. He moved towards her face and immediately took her lips in a kiss making her smile in between the kiss. They both got drowned in passion and manik hands started to roam on her body. His hands reached her upper parts of her body and pressed her female parts which made her moan in his mouth. He got more turned on due to her moans and he broke the kiss

"You are so irresistible and I can't control myself" he spoke kissing her forehead and she smiled at him. She held the hem of his shirt and pulled him closer to her.

"Then who told you to control?" she spoke huskily kissing his jaw which is a turn on for him and he immediately flipped their positions and made her come on top of him. He smiled at her and pulled her more close to him but he made sure that her belly is not crushed in between them. She smiled at his care and she kissed his forehead.

"I love you" she spoke and he smiled at her. He didn't give her any answer but he flipped their position and he came on top of her while he supported his weight by his hands as he doesn't want to crush her with his weight. He then again kissed her on her lips making her smile in the kiss. Still in the kiss, his hands went inside her top and caressed her little projected belly making her smile again in the kiss. His hands then moved upwards to her female parts again and he caressed them with his hands. He broke the kiss and looked at her with a smile

"They have increased in their size and I can't wait to have them in my mouth" he spoke and his words gave her a turn on and she smiled at him pulling him closer to him.

"Then don't" she spoke and that is what all he needed to brea

mini research, nandini came out from washroom and she frowned seeing him sticking to his laptop.

"What are you doing?" she asked sitting beside him and he smiled at her. He closed the laptop and placed it aside, he turned towards her and side-hugged her.

"Just seeing the reason for your sudden pain" he spoke and when she looked at him with curious eyes he smiled and filled her brain with all the details he read. She looked at him with dreamy eyes and kissed his cheeks. He smiled and turned towards her, pulled her with a force by her waist and he looked deep in her eyes.

"You started it but you don't know how to do it and position to do it" he spoke and caressed her face with his forefinger making her go wild. She closed her eyes feeling his touch and he smirked seeing his effect on her.

"I can't believe even after these many years I have the same effect on you" he spoke and he moved closer to her to kiss her but she pushed him and he landed on the bed on his back. He got shocked by her act and he gave her a questioning look

"what was that?" he asked her with narrow eyes thinking his eyes will have effect on him but she is the only one who doesn't get effected by his angry looks but he is the one who get scared because of her anger.

"Because I don't do unhygienic kisses" she spoke and he gave her ARE-YOU-SERIOUS look to which she just shrugged.

"should I remind you how many times we have the unhygienic kisses and should I remind you what just happened some time back here on the bed" he spoke making her blush. Seeing her blush manik decided to pull her towards him but before he could do that she moved back and moved towards the exit of the room.

"Get ready and come down you need to go to office" she spoke and went out from the room smiling. He too smiled inside the room and ruffled his hairs

"She is making me crazy" he spoke to himself and took his clothes from the wardrobe and moved to start his daily works.

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