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   Chapter 20 Week 09 Part 02

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Nandini settled in car beside manik who is all ready to start the car for the hospital. Nandini started to feel tired due to her excessive workout of throwing out from her stomach. Manik looked at her and he knew that she is tired a she is not having anything in her stomach now. This is getting him worried but he also knew that if she eats anything now she will throw up again.

Being tired, nandini just kept her head on manik shoulder and she looked at him still her head on his shoulder. He smiled and held her right hand in his left and kept their entwined hands which were on the gear rod. He then kissed her head making her smile at him. He started the car and drove towards the hospital and during the entire journey they both held their hands.

They reached the hospital and enrolled their names and since they are many people to consult the doctor, they are asked to wait for their chance. Manik and nandini sat beside each other in the waiting hall and their hands entwined. Nandini just then saw a pregnant women walking with her huge belly which made her smile but she was confused as she is alone and no one is beside her. She looked at manik and he found her looking at the pregnant women, but he is confused seeing her sad face.

"What happened nandu?" he asked her holding her both hands in his both hands. She kept her head on his shoulder and looked at the pregnant women

"See manik she doesn't have anyone beside her now and she is alone" she spoke and not having anything to say manik held her hands tighter. They both looked at that pregnant women and saw that she is so sad but soon her face changed into a full smiling face seeing the person in front of her. There entered a man of 6' feet height with well-built body and he is in army dress which means he is an army solider. She hugged that man tightly and even he did it. After sometime he broke the hug and kissed the forehead of women and then he knelt on his knees. He kissed her belly and after sometime they left from the hospital.

"see nandu she is not alone and even no one here is alone and if by chance someone is alone during their pregnancy then it's not the punishment but it's a way of testing by god" manik spoke kissing on nandini forehead. Nandini smiled at him and they heard their turn arrived. Soon they both stood up from their seats and moved towards doctor's cabin.

"Hi nandini and manik" Mrs. Kapoor spoke making them smile and they too greeted her back.

"So what brings you both here?" she asked although she knew but she needed the confirmation.

"Doctor, the problem is nandini is not at all fine, she is throwing up continuously and not eating anything" he spoke without giving any chance for nandini to speak. Doctor smiled seeing his concern for her and she looked at nandini

respond to the kiss with the same fervor. Nandini knew that he is controlling his desires for her as he needed some surety of her health with his movements.

"Come let's go" he spoke breaking the kiss and then he helped her to get dressed completely and they both moved out from the scanning room. They went and sat in front of the doctor.

"The main reason of today's trans-vaginal scan is to check the presence of ectopic pregnancy officially and it's not there" doctor spoke and manik smiled looking at nandini.

"And manik you both can have your physical relation without any problem but I would just say be careful for time being and avoid the physical relationship if nandini is not comfortable. If the baby is single I would have given you permission of doing it till the end of pregnancy but being twins we can't take any risk" she spoke and manik nodded his head embarrassed while nandini blushed. After some instructions they left from the hospital.

"Why didn't you tell me about your pain?" he asked as soon as they settled in the car. She knew that this question is going to come in front of her. Nandini then cupped manik face and kissed him on his lips. Even he started to respond to the kiss and manik broke it when they are breathless.

"I didn't tell you because it's common and I don't want to make you tense and add more stress to you" she spoke and he looked at her with a smile on his face.

"I am lucky to have you" he spoke and nandini smiled at him

"Yeah I am lucky to have you" she spoke and manik smiled at her.

"So are you ready?" he asked her suddenly which made her confused and she looked at him with a confused face.

"For the most memorable night with me today" he spoke with a wink and nandini understood his inner meaning and she blushed. She smacked him on his shoulder and they both laughed whole heartedly.

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