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   Chapter 19 Week 09 Part 01

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Manik and nandini are in deep sleep when nandini woke from her sleep as she has to go for washroom. She entered washroom and did her business when she started to feel her esophageal reflux and she covered her mouth and she rushed towards the wash basin area and she uncovered her hand. As soon as she uncovered her mouth, she started to throw up all the contents from her stomach.

Listening to her reflux sounds, manik woke from his sleep. Never in his life had he thought that he will wake up with the sounds of her suffering. His heart bleeds when he saw her suffering during this phase but he can't do anything now. If he knew about all this pain, then he would have never ever touched her. He love her heart not her body.

He rushed towards her in the washroom and he held her hair on one side and he started to rub her back. She emptied her stomach completely and then stood on her feet properly. But she is weak and she held his hand for support.

"you ok?' he asked her and she nodded her head as she still doesn't have any energy to talk.

"Come lets go and eat something you freshen up and I will pass your clothes" he spoke kissing her head. She nodded her head again and he moved out from the washroom. He took her jeans and a simple top and passed it to her. She took her bath and wore her top and she started to wear her jeans but when it came to buttoning it she failed. She tried hard to make it fit to her but it didn't. Having no other choice, she opened the washroom door and came out. Manik who is roaming here and there in room thinking about her, ceased in his movements when he heard the door open. He saw her standing there holding her jeans hem in her hands. He gave her a look asking her what to which she made a cute pout.

"See manik, it's not fitting" she spoke and he smiled at her. He moved closer to her and held her hand which is holding her jeans hem. She then removed her hands from her jeans and he kneeled in front of her.

"Wait let me see" he spoke and he tried to button it but even he was not successful in doing so. He was trying again when his hands went on her belly and he found the portion rigid. He got afraid feeling it so rigid and he looked at nandini with worried face and she too looked at him in confusion.

"Nandu your belly is so rigid" he spoke and moved the jeans a little down and touched her uterus region and felt that the part is rigid which made him worried.

till sneezing and seeing her tears he calmed herself

"Ok now no problem, first clear your nose and sit at one place" he spoke and she nodded her head. She cleared her nose and then sat on the chair but in the next second she ran towards the washroom in their room to throw up again. Manik ran behind her seeing her running towards their room. When she entered the washroom she throws up again and this made him more worried. He held her in his arms and rubbed his back

"Nandu" he spoke with a cracked voice as seeing her like this is not something which is happy for him. He can tolerate anything but not her pain, he can tolerate anything but not her discomfort.

"We are going to doctor now" manik declared when nandini stood on the floor with his help. Her head was on his chest and his arms around her holding her firmly in her place

"But manik I am fine" she spoke in her weak voice and he nodded his head in disbelief

"yeah I can see how much fine you are and now just shut up and lets go to doctor" he spoke to her and she gave him a look of pleading but this time he is not going to accept her pleading face

"no I am not going to listen to you this time so just come after face wash we will go" he spoke and made her stand with the support of the wall and he moved out from the washroom. She came after face wash and manik held her hand before she could speak and moved down. When they went down, raj and nyonika were looking at them with worried faces.

"Mom and dad we are going to hospital" he declared and then he moved out from the house with nandini and they moved towards the hospital.

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