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   Chapter 18 week 18

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After the song session, all the people are resting in the living room talking with each other and spending time with each other. Manik and nandini are sharing a love seat where her head is on his chest and his hands on her belly. He is caressing her belly now and then and kissing her hair showing his presence to both nandini and his babies.

"Where is sid?" abhi who is cuddling with mukti asked navya and cabir immediately made a bad face

"He is with our parents" she spoke and gave a slap on cabir who is sitting beside her. After getting the slap he even made a more bad face.

"What happened to you?" manik asked giving him a look and cabir made a face

"I sometimes feel that Sid has swallowed calendar while he is navya stomach" he spoke and all the people started to laugh listening to his dialogue. The most who is laughing is nandini and she held manik hand which is on her belly tightly. Manik smiled at her seeing her smiling face

"Why is that?" alya asked holding Druv tightly to control her breath after her continuous laugh.

"I don't know how he will get to know that today is Sunday and he will stick to me like a glue in these six days and on Sunday he will not even look at me forget about coming to me" he spoke and all laughed at him again.

"That's because remaining days you will not be around him and on Sunday you will be in the house and he is not in a position to see your idiotic face" Druv spoke and again there is a series of laughter in the living room which echoed in the house. Due to continuous laughing nandini started to cough which made manik worried and he immediately started to beat on her head and rub her back together to decrease it. Mukti ran towards the kitchen to get her water and she gave it to nandini and her cough subsided.

"Mukti tell us about week 8" alya asked thinking to divert nandini attention and mukti understood it so she too nodded her head.

Baby is inside from two months

And grown up to a size of raspberry

Mukti sang and all looked at her in shock because they never thought that she will explain like this in a song manner. Mukti came near nandini and held her hand, she made her stand

Baby is very active just like her momma

She is moving her hands and legs just like her momma

Mukti sang the lines dancing with nandini in a joyful manner. Manik is happy to see her smile and he is more than happy to know that he is the reason for her smile

Baby has lost her tail

But she developed her taste buds and now

MUMMA be careful with your meal


presence inside her.

"Manik they are fine" she spoke to assure herself and manik nodded his head in yes. She hugged manik again and started to cry

"Yes they are fine and now tell me what happened?" he asked her kissing her head. She told him the entire dream hugging him tightly. He started to laugh listening to her dream and she broke the hug

"Seriously nandu, a snake" he spoke and again started to laugh. She looked at him with an angry face

"You are laughing when I am afraid to lose you three" she spoke with an angry face and he stopped laughing listening to her

"Ok I won't laugh and take the positive things from this dream" he spoke and she gave him an angry glare.

"Can you elaborate me what are the good and wonderful things in this dream?" she asked him folding her hands near her chest. He smiled and side hugged her

"Now close your eyes and tell me what are our babies doing in the dream and tell me the gender of the babies?' he asked her and she gave him a disbelief look and closed her eyes when he forced her

"They are holding each other's hand and sleeping and coming to gender one is girl and one is boy" she spoke still closing her eyes and he smiled to full. She opened her eyes and looked at him and saw him smiling so she gave him a look raising her eye brows

"so you only told me that they are holding each other's hand and this means that they will support each other irrespective of us and coming to gender you told its one boy and one girl and this means they are brother and sister" he spoke and she then understood the inner meaning of the dream. She smiled to full and hugged manik tightly. He laughed at her and both again drifted to sleep.

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