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   Chapter 17 Week 07 Part 03

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As nyonika saw nandini collapsing on the floor she was numb on her place and she immediately ran towards nandini and held her head and kept it on her lap. She patted on nandini cheek but she didn't find any reaction from her. Not knowing what to do she stood from her place and shouted for raj. Hearing nyonika shout, he came out from the room running and he ceased in his place when he found nandini on the floor unconscious. He then ran towards nandini and tried to wake her by slapping lightly on her cheek but there is no reaction from her.

"Bring water and I will call manik and call mukti too" he spoke and nyonika rushed to kitchen to bring water and in this process she started to call mukti too. She informed mukti about this and she assured her that she will be there soon.

In the living room, raj tried to call manik but he is not receiving the call which made him frustrated. Raj for the final time decided to call him and this time manik received the call and before manik could speak raj shouted

"Nandini has fainted come home fast" he spoke and cut the call and his simple 6 words took breathe away from his lungs. Manik immediately turned his car to reach the house and he was driving with full speed not caring about his life and all but the only priority for him now is to meet nandini and see her all ok.

He reached the house in no time and rushed inside the living room and found that nandini was on couch still unconscious with raj and nyonika beside her. He rushed towards nandini and took her face in his hands

"Mom what happened?" he asked and in next second he picked her in his arms and started to move to their room while both nyonika and raj followed them. When they reached the room just then mukti too arrived and she ran towards manik room where manik just made her lay on bed.

"Aunty is there is any availability of sugar testing kit?" mukti asked immediately and nyonika nodded her head in yes and rushed to get it. Manik sat beside nandini and held her hand in his.

"Here" nyonika spoke giving the kit to mukti and she took it and pierced nandini finger while manik closed his eyes not able to see the needle in her finger. Mukti completed her test and then saw the results which made her take a relief

"It's nothing just her glucose level fell suddenly and also because of stress because her heart beats are irregular" she spoke and manik took a breath of relief. He caressed her head while all have smile on their faces.

"Aunty just give her glucose water and she will wake in sometime and then give her something to eat" mukti spoke and she moved out from the room along with raj and nyonika leaving manik with nandini behind.

As they left manik took nandini hand in his and kissed her hands and kept looking at her. He was about to kiss her forehead when the room door is knocked and then nyonika entered with glucose water. She gave the glass to manik and then left from there. Manik then sat on the bed beside nandini and he lifted her in his arms in such a way that her body and head is on his chest and her back attached


He don't know how the song came out form his mouth but he sang all the lines looking at nandini while she smiled to core listening to him singing after a long time

I can't express my feelings for you but I will show them to you and make you feel that this is extreme happiness.

He sang these lines coming closer to her and hugging her from back and seeing them all the couples too hugged themselves.

I just can't wait for you to come in my arms

He sang these lines hugging her belly tight making her smile to core. She caressed his cheeks

My eyes are carving for your touch

My ears are wants to listen to your voice

My hands wants to take you in my arms and cuddle you

My heart want to protect you from all the evils.

He sang all these lines hugging her from her stomach standing on his knees. She knew that he is feeling out of the world and she also knew that he is expressing his wishes and happiness by the song. He then kissed her on her belly again and again

So babies come soon soon...

He sang smiling to full and kissing her belly again and again

No no no the baby doesn't come out soon

As she is afraid of the world and is hiding herself in her Mamma

As she feels she is the safest there

Mukti and cabir sang together and they hugged each other as they sang the same lines even when they knew nothing about the song. Manik made a face looking at them while nandini giggled

But baby knew that her father loves her more so she comes out soon to her daddy making him the happiest

Nandini sang and listening to her words manik smiled to core and he just hugged her tight in his arms and kissed her hairs and immersed his head in her neck

So the babies will come soon come soon

All the group sang together surrounding manik and nandini dancing slowly. Manik broke the hug and side hugged her while she had a bright smile on her face. Seeing her smile made his day and he smiled to core. Love is something where your partner happiness gives you happiness and their sadness gives you sadness.

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