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   Chapter 16 Week 07 Part 02

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It's a pleasant Friday evening and fab 5 along with their parents came to visit manik and nandini. They were all sitting in the garden enjoying the cold breeze and hot coffee. As tomorrow is weekend and this means all will have an off from the work so they decided for a get together.

"So guys what is plan for tomorrow?" mukti asked as they are bored sitting in the house ideal. Nandini looked at mukti with an angry glare and then she turned her glares to all the fab 5 members who are looking at nandini confused. As manik is adjacent to her, he held her hand which made her angrier and she pushed his hand from their hold.

"What happened?" he asked her with a confused face looking at her with a frown on his face. She looked at him with an accused look to which he is again confused

"What are you guys?" she asked looking at fab 5 which made them confused and they looked at her

"What is this question nandu, we are fab 5……" cabir spoke and is silent for a second and then his eyes went wide and seeing his expression nandini understood that his brain got the hint.

"Crap" cabir shouted which made all of them look at him

"Guys it's nearly three and half months since we released a song officially" he spoke and then all their brains worked. They were immersed in their personal and professional life that they forgot about music.

"Oh no" manik spoke and looked at nandini who is already looking at him.

"So no plan for tomorrow you all are preparing for song tomorrow only" nandini gave them her ultimatum to which all nodded their heads like an obedient kid.

"Nandini don't you want to know the development of the baby in the seventh week?" mukti spoke and before nandini can speak cabir came in front of mukti and joined his hands

"Please spare us from your biology lessons I never listened to this much lesson even in my entire study career" he spoke making a bad face and all laughed listening to his dialogue.

"but on a serious note mukti I researched for last week developments and even told about them to her" manik spoke after suppressing his laugh. Mukti was about to speak but they got interrupted by baby cries and they looked at the backdoor of the house from where nyonika is coming with Sid. Manik smiled seeing Sid and he stood from his place to take him but seeing manik Sid started to cry more which made him worried. Navya came forward to take him from nyonika but he started to cry more

"Dad" he shouted this word and cabir immediately ran towards nyonika to take him from her. Seeing his father Sid smiled to come into his arms and he moved his arms to and fro showing his happiness. All smiled seeing Sid bond with cabir.

"I don't know why sid always save this stupid whenever he tease us and we are all ready to blast on this cabir he comes as his savior" mukti spoke making a bad face and abhi kissed her cheeks which made her smile to full.

"Just like this lover boy comes to kiss you whenever you make that face" cabir spoke and this made mukti mad at him again and she was ready to pounce on him and sensing danger for his father Sid started to cry gaining attention of all the people. Cabir looked at his son as he is the savior of him all the time from his friends while cabir is his savior from the entire universe. He starte

ain turned as he doesn't want her mother to see him in this state.

"Manik" she called him again when he was about to move out from the house, he stopped but didn't turn towards her.

"Eat dinner and go" she spoke and manik looked upwards to control his tears and gulped them in his throat

"I don't have any appetite mom" he spoke and moved out from the house before she can ask him any further questions. His eyes shed the tears which he held from long time. He sat in his car and drove from there with high speed

After manik left from there, nandini mind registered the damage she has caused in their relationship. How can she blame manik relation with Sid when she clearly knew that manik treats Sid as his first son? There is nothing pure as his relation with Sid.

In pregnancy, women do some crazy things which will make sweet memories for them and even they will do some stupid things which unfortunately create drift between them. There is a limit for tolerance and a husband can tolerate anything but not when his love is getting questioned. He can bear any tantrum of his wife but not the distrust and blames from his wife. He tried his best to keep his wife happy but sometimes those wives only will become the reason for their sadness too. But this doesn't mean that only wives are at blame all the above mentioned words apply to wife also. Wife can tolerate anything but not distrust and blame from her spouse. Every relation needs only understanding and support but not any blame games.

Nandini ran inside the house and saw he is nowhere so she ran out of the house when nyonika saw her running here and there. She knew running here and there is not safe for the babies.

"Nandini" she called her and she turned towards him

"Mom where is manik?" she asked without giving any chance for nyonika to ask something. Seeing her like this she understood that is the matter between couple so she decided not to ask her anything.

"He went to farm house" she spoke and nandini was about to go out from the room when she started to feel the world around her turn around. She was about to gather herself but she was not able to and she collapsed on the floor unconscious.

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