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   Chapter 15 Week 07 Part 01

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Manik and nandini are in their peaceful sleep cuddled in each other arms when nandini moved in her sleep due to her cramps. She had a frown on her forehead and she turned to other side still in his arms and tried to sleep.

But the sleep decided to play with her today and she opened her eyes unable to bear the pain. She sat on bed and her movements made manik open his eyes tiredly. Seeing him opening his eyes nandini took his head and made his head lay on her chest and ruffled his hair to make him sleep again ignoring her cramps, and she is successful in making him sleep too. He slept in some seconds as he is tired and he didn't have normal sleep without her mood swings from their pregnancy detection day.

She knew that he is also suffering equal to her in this pregnancy but the only difference is her changes are physically but his changes are psychologically and he has to handle both professional and personal life without mixing both of them and have to take care that the stress doesn't reach her in any form. Not only he all the husbands face this problem but the thing is girls express their feelings and pain but the boys doesn't and they have to face all these things with a smile because they can't tolerate any damage to both mother and baby.

Seeing him sleeping peacefully she smiled and made him sleep on the bed properly. She then stood on her feet and moved towards balcony to get fresh air hoping that her cramps decrease. She stood in the balcony with her arms folded around her chest hugging herself. She inhaled a huge amount of fresh air to increase oxygen supply to her body which worked for her and she started to feel fresh. She stood there for nearly 30 minutes and her cramps decreased, she started to feel tired and she was about to turn back when her leg slipped and she was about to fall but she didn't meet the ground as her savior held her in her arms.

Manik woke from his sleep when he got enough rest and searched for nandini beside him but he didn't find her so he looked in the balcony and saw her standing there. He moved towards the balcony and when he was at the door he saw her falling down so he took two long steps to reach her and she landed in his arms. He was scared for a second to see her falling and his heart started to run a marathon imagining the consequences.

"Can't you see nandini what if you fall down?" he spoke but didn't shout on her as he knew that shouting and making her scare is not good for her health. She looked at him with an apologetic look as she is at fault now.

"don't look at me like that now this is not going to work and first tell me what are you doing here?" he spoke again making her stand pro

t one dress among the pink and blue one in her hands. So she turned towards her ultimate support system to see him immersed in his mobile.

"Manik which one shall I take among these two?" she spoke showing both the dresses to him while he looked at her once and the dresses and then turned back to his mobile.

"Your wish" he spoke and immersed himself in his mobile again

"Manik, shall we buy cradle now only?"

"Your wish"

"Manik, shall we pick some gift for the doctor?"

"Your wish"

"Manik, shall we buy some diapers?"

"Your wish"

"Manik, can we buy some milk powder"

"Your wish"

"Manik, can we buy milk bottles"

"Your wish"

"Manik, are you virgin?" nandini asked fed up of his two word answer every time. She stood there with hands on her hip

"Your wish….. Wait what you asked?" he came to this world coming out from the world of his mobile phone. He saw her looking at him with an angry look which made him confused

"What? Here I am asking you suggestions from a long time and the entire thing you speak is 'your wish' what the hell is wrong with you? If this shopping is only for my wish then what are you for?" she spoke with an angry look while he looked here and there and when he found that there are no one around he pulled her closer by her waist

"I am here to fulfill all your wishes" he spoke and his simple sentence has such a big meaning which made nandini smile to core. She so wanted to kiss him on his lips but considering the situation around her she stopped but she hugged him tight in her arms while even he hid himself in her arms. She broke the hug and manik kept his hand on her stomach and spoke looking into nandini eyes.

"I love you" he spoke to which she replied with a smile and they continued with their shopping.

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