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   Chapter 14 Week 06 Part 03

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Manik is continuously working on his laptop that he didn't see nandini doing something on the tablet sleeping on the couch in front of him. He noticed her when he felt her smiling looking at the screen continuously. He was confused at first but then later he chucked his thoughts and concentrated on his work thinking that it might be some message. He looked at her after some time and found her blushing now. This is his limit and he looked at her with frown because neither she is talking in call nor chatting with someone, mostly she is blushing now when only he has the right to make her blush.

He kept his laptop aside and then moved towards her. Seeing him she smiled and just lifted her head indicating that she wants to sleep on his lap. He is more than ready to this and he sat near her head and he himself caught hold of her head and placed it on his lap. He then looked at the screen and his face has a smile as she is seeing their date picture where they had their first make out session but they didn't cross their limits. He then understood the reason for her blush.

"So you are seeing these pictures" he spoke while she nodded her head still looking at the screen. She swiped the screen and the next picture came made both of them smile because it is the scanning picture of their babies.

"You know what manik I just can't wait to hold them in my hands" she spoke and he nodded his head and kept his left hand on her belly and caressed it. She smiled and kept her right hand on his left hand on her belly.

"But manik whom do you want as the twins" she asked the obvious question which every women have in their mind. Manik looked at her and smiled at her question.

"Whoever it may be they must be healthy and even you too" he spoke while she smiled at him. She then flipped the photo again and then came the pic which made nandini blush because that is the picture taken by manik secretly when she proposed him in anger. She was about to change the picture immediately but manik held her hand and took the tablet from her hand.

"I never know that my idiot wife will propose me in such a situation and mostly in such a place" he spoke to tease her and she looked at him with wide eyes.

"Oh hello Mr. my place is better than the place where you proposed me" she spoke and this is the time for manik to be shocked. He looked at her with angry eyes.

"so mean to say that a restaurant waiting hall no let me be precise its restaurants ladies bathroom is better than my office cabin… superb I never knew this" he spoke sarcastically and this time nandini looked down not meeting his eyes and he knew she got his point and doesn't have anything in her defense. He then looked at the picture of her and she remembered the events that day.

Manik proposed nandini in his cabin in his so called manik Malhotra style which made nandini angry at him. Though she likes no she loved him but she didn't reciprocate his feelings because she thought that there will be no future for their relationship but little did she knew that she doesn't have any future without him.

It's been one month since manik proposed but she didn't say any answer to him and on top of that she started ignoring him and even she started to call him sir while she previously called him manik only. Even he is hurt he never mingled his personal with professional life and even he didn't force her but instead waited for her. She knew he is good person for any girl and she wanted him to have a goof life so she locked her heart somewhere.

Meanwhile, nyonika started to sea

ecause its mukti. Being with manik from many months she knew about all of them and not only he even abhi is long with her. Then manik explained her about their plan to her and also the person who kissed mukti is abhi and even he kept the ring on her finger while he is just acting for which he got a punch in his stomach.

"I must say that is one of the happiest days of my life when I saw this look on your face which is seen on your face only three times for me one is that day and second on our marriage day and third is when you told me about our kids…" he was about to continue but he saw her and found her sleeping holding his hand on her belly with her two hands. He smiled at her and bent down to kiss her forehead. He then took her in his arms and made her lay properly on the bed.

He took his laptop and continued his work which is nothing but checking about the pregnancy week by week updates. He opened week seven to see the changes this week as he can't wait anymore till mukti tells them.

'At 7 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of a blueberry. Your embryo measures about .51 inches, having doubled in size since last week' he read and smiled looking at nandini

'7-week embryo is generating about one hundred new brain cells each minute! And not only is baby's brain becoming more complex, but the heart is too, Baby's developing a permanent set of kidneys, and arm and leg joints are now forming as well' he read and he had a smile on his face because the hearts he created are finally taking a proper shape. He then moved closer to her and kneeled on the ground beside bed.

"finally you are going to have a proper shape from now and I just can't wait to have you both in my arms I know having twins is so tough and nandini has so many pains but she is not telling me and even I read that from this cramps increase but she won't complain again but you both guys please don't trouble your mamma more and let her take more rest and when you both come out then we three will trouble her together… I love you babies and please come fast" he spoke kissing her belly again and again.

Nandini woke from her sleep due to his touch on her belly and she listened to his words completely. She had tears in her eyes hearing his words and she felt lucky having a husband like him, she then again drifted to sleep as manik slept beside her and took her in his arms.

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