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   Chapter 13 Week 06 Part 02

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The next morning came soon but this morning bought tension in manik heart that may be there is something wrong with baby and he is not able to understand and even he can't share his worries like he do every time with nandini because if he share his worries now then definitely nandini will be tensed and getting tensed is not the option they have now. Manik is the first one to open his eyes from his thoughts filled sleep and he looked at his peace his life his nandini beside him sleeping peacefully. He kissed her forehead slowly and for a longer time which made her sleep disturb and she opened her eyes.

"Good morning manik" she spoke with a smile and manik too smiled back at her. He didn't reply to her wish and just kept on hugging her which made her realize that he is overthinking on this small issue.

"manik don't think too much ok navya told me that getting allergy is common during pregnancy so please don't get tensed and see I am fit and fine in front of you and when you are there nothing can happen to me and baby ok?" nandini spoke and manik looked at her with a smile and even she smiled at him.

"how do you manage to calm me down so easily?" he asked raising his eyebrows and she smiled at him and encircled her hands around his neck while he kept his left hand on her waist while his right hand is still under her head, they are sleeping on bed facing each other. He pulled her closer to him.

"As you always make me smile and in the same way I always make you calm Mr. Malhotra" nandini spoke brushing her lips with his and this is enough to awake the monster inside him. He flipped their positions and came upon her and he supported himself on his knees on wither sides of her so that he doesn't keep weight on her stomach. He gave her a smirk while she smiled full seeing his care.

"You did a mistake by awakening the monster Mrs. Malhotra" he spoke with a wide smirk on his face and she too had a smirk on her face as she is successful in diverting his attention.

"What if I say that I love the monster" she spoke giving him a challenging look and he smiled at her and pressed his lips to hers. He kissed her passionately and with love, during the kiss his hands moved all around her body and finally rested on her upper parts and he cupped her right breast and when he felt them he broke the kiss being confused.

"They are increased in their size" he stated rather than asking her as he know her size before and her size now. He gave her a smile while she gave him an angry look.

"You mean to say that I became fat" she spoke and he had his mouth open as he didn't mean any of that.

"No I just said that they increased in their size and not that you are fat" he spoke to calm her but she gave him another angry glare.

"How will they only increase in size when I am not fat?" she asked him the most obvious question and it's true that her weight is increased. She gained some kilograms but who care when you love someone immensely their body weight and shape doesn't play a major role only thing that matters is the heart which will never ever change.

She was about to speak further but he didn't let her speak and locked her lips kissing her with passion. She being angry on him didn't respond to his kiss while he pressed her left breast again which made her moan and open her mouth. He entered inside her mouth and slowly started to explore each and every part of her mouth while having arrested by his passion she too started responding to his kiss. He broke the kiss when he felt her out of breathe completely.

"listen to me first I will love you no matter what and let me tell you that your body shape doesn't matter me and the thing which only matter me is your heart which is on my name" he spoke keeping her hand on his heart and he kissed her on her forehead and moved down and kissed on her heart making her moan. She smiled seeing his love for her and she cupped his face.

"I am so much lucky to have you and I love you" she spoke kissing his forehead and his cheeks. He smiled at her and then moved down to her belly and kissed her on her belly

"Dad loves you and your mummy my baby" he spoke and again kissed her belly and then he settled beside her on bed.

"Go and get freshen mukti will be on her way here we have to go to doctor for the appointment" he spoke and she nodded her head and went inside the washroom. Soon she came out and later he too went inside and they both moved down to eat the breakfast. As they completed eating mukti too arrived and they all left for the hospital.

In the car, there is silence everywhere and to break this silence mukti decided to speak

"I can't tolerate this silence so lets me myself describe about the sixth week of pregnancy" she spoke and listening to this nandini become excited and she turned towards mukti who is sitting at the back seat while nandini is sitting at passenger seat beside manik. Manik and mukti smiled seeing her excitement.

"At 6 weeks pregnancy, baby is the size of a sweet pea. The average embryo at week six is about 0.25 inches and will double in size agai

ng ok?" nyonika asked nandini while caressing her head and she nodded her head in yes. They all smiled and released their breath's which they were holding from a long time unintentionally.

"Did they take the scan?" navya asked and by this time all were settled on their seats and nandini had her head on manik shoulder and he smiled seeing her cuteness.

"Yes they did" manik spoke with a huge smile remembering about the babies entering into the house soon.

"Then show me" cabir spoke like an excited kid and he will be excited after his entire sister by hearts is going to have kids.

"Yes but before that I am sorry alya" mukti spoke and alya make a confused face at her. Even all others were confused for her dialogue.

"You always wanted to have twins for the first time in this house but I am feeling sorry for you because that credit is going to be taken by our own nandini" she spoke and all nodded their heads and then shouted at once



"I can't believe it"

"Are they twins?"

"Is it true?"

These words echoed in the mansion and the sudden sound made nandini close her eyes tightly along with her ears too. Seeing her movement manik glared at everyone present there and all went silent

"Is it true?" nyonika asked coming towards them and nandini nodded her head in yes and passed her the image of the ultrasound. Seeing that picture she had tears in her eyes and remaining all family members peeked from her shoulder and were happy and has a smile on their faces.

"I can't believe this thanks a lot nandini" they all spoke and soon they had a big fat family hug which was captured by one of the servant.

"Twins means all double which means your rest also double" raj declared and nandini made a face but her cute face is not going to work on anyone now.

"nandini now to your room and rest and come down only for lunch and manik don't trouble her and let her rest" nyonika spoke and having no other option she started to move but manik lifted her in his arms and carried her to their room.

Once they reached the room, manik made her stand on her feet and he immediately pinned her to the wall and he kissed her on her lips with love and this is a slow kiss saying thank you to her in his style. He broke the kiss when she is out of breath and he kissed her forehead.

"Thanks a lot nandu" he spoke and she smiled nodding her head in no

"I should be the one thanking you for giving these bundles of joy" she spoke and manik smiled and he knew both are thankful to each other but they are even more thankful to god for this blessings. He hugged her while she hid herself perfectly in his arms

He then made her sit on bed and then moved down to his lives in his life.

"Hi babies, you know what I love you both so much and thanks for choosing me as your father and you both complete our relationship... now I seriously can't wait for your arrival... please come fast and now please take rest and let mumma take rest and most importantly don't fight with each other inside mumma ok and be calm both of you" he spoke kissing her belly while nandini sat there ruffling his hairs. After his talking session he made her sleep on bed properly and then he too settled beside her.

He made her sleep as she is tired due to continuous sitting and he kept on admiring her face and then he started caressing her belly making them also to sleep.

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