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   Chapter 12 Week 06 Part 01

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Manik and nandini were sleeping peacefully when manik sleep broke due to his mobile ring. He opened his eyes slowly and saw that nandini is getting disturbed due to the ring so he took his mobile and kept it on silent. He then saw the caller and found that it is cabir so he messaged cabir asking him what is the matter.

'We are coming to your house in the afternoon so don't keep any program'

Manik smiled seeing his message and he replied with an ok. As today is Sunday, even he will be at home spending time with his family. He replied to cabir with an ok and turned towards nandini and found her cuddling with him like he is her teddy bear. He kissed her forehead to which she smiled even in her sleep. Manik slowly kept his hand on her stomach and he smiled feeling his baby. He slowly removed her hands around him and bent down to his baby.

"good morning baby, I know you didn't wake up but I woke up now and you know what you also wake up now but don't let your mamma wake because once she wakes up she will send me away from you saying she need one thing or the other… so now wake up and you know what baby father loves you so much and can do anything for your happiness… I don't how to show my love to you now but once you come out then see I won't ever let you keep your leg down and will always be with you in every step of yours…. Ok now so no more emotional talks" he spoke the last words while wiping his tears which came out from his eyes even without his consent.

"now let's think some new ways to make your mamma trouble but please don't play with her health ok?... and coming to troubling her what we will do" he kept his forefinger under his chin thinking about it and later he looked at her belly again and now lifted her top from his view as he has to see his baby.

"I got an idea... let's order mamma to rest and as far as I know your mom she can't sit idle so let's trouble her like this and promise me you will support me in this" he spoke and kissed her belly again and again. His face was in her tummy when he felt a hand in his hairs and he knew who it is also. He looked at nandini to see her smiling widely at him; he too smiled at her and moved closer to her face.

"Good morning... Slept well?" manik asked kissing nandini forehead and she smiled at him.

"Good morning and yeah I slept well" nandini spoke and manik smiled at her.

"so what's cooking between father and baby… making some plans against mummy and let me tell I got to know all your plans and let me tell you that they are not going to get implemented" she spoke and manik looked at her with an angry face.

"If you didn't take rest then forget about your shopping plan for tomorrow and in afternoon all our friends will be here so dare you get up from the bed till afternoon" he gave an ultimatum to her and before she could argue manik moved to washroom to freshen.

Nandini saw this and then turned towards her baby

"See baby your father is such a bad person… he is asking no ordering me to take rest when he will be not with me... how can I follow it and moreover how much do we both sleep but no your father want me to be in this bed as if I am paralyzed... don't know what he will do in coming months but I know one thing tha

his shoulder and he smiled at her nodding his head. Now nandini started to close her eyes indicating that she is sleepy. Manik smiled and made her sleep.

"I think you both should go to doctor tomorrow and even I will come with you tomorrow because from now I will also take nandu case" mukti spoke and all looked at her worried because their doctor appointment is two weeks after but she is asking them to go now.

"But mukti it's after two weeks right?" he asked her being all confused and he is still afraid that anything will happen to both of them.

"I think nandini need a scan soon I know generally it's in week 8 but seeing her food allergy we have to see the condition of the baby and even we have to determine what exactly is the reason for her allergy" mukti spoke and manik nodded his head kissing nandini forehead who is sleeping soundly.

"Ok guys lets allow nandu to sleep otherwise this idiot will come and say that we are only responsible for her illness" cabir spoke making all them chuckle and manik to glare at him.

"Idiot I don't think you want to die in my hands so soon" manik spoke and cabir made a dramatic face.

"You will kill me then what will happen to my one and only wife and my small little son" he spoke making a crying face and that's when manik remembered about Sid who is missing from the start.

"Where is sid?" he asked cabir who gave him ARE-YOU-SERIOUS look. Manik shrugged his shoulders and cabir made an annoyed face.

"seriously that's is the first question we both answered as soon as we stepped inside the house but no you didn't hear it and its obvious because you are busy with you romance and coming to your question today sid wants to be with his grandparents and he ditched his parents for that" cabir spoke and all laughed listening to his teasing words. Manik gave him an angry glare and finally he also smiled as whatever cabir said was true indeed.

"Ok let's take rest and even you sleep idiot" abhi spoke and all nodded their heads. Soon all of them left the room and manik came near nandini and kissed her forehead. He moved to her belly and kissed her belly and slept hugging both of them.

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