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   Chapter 11 Week 05 Part 03

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As nandini entered the office along with manik, all were shocked because of two things. One is her entrance after a long gap of one and half week and second is her dressing. She is wearing a simple leggings and top which is not matching to the office wear she uses daily. She maintains a professional outfit daily but today she is looking simple yet very stylish in her outfit.

Manik is not surprised to look at her in that outfit because he is the only one who saw her in all the possible outfits present in the world. She simply smiled at all the people who wished her a good morning. They both entered inside their cabin and he pulled her towards himself making her shocked.

"What?" she asked as he pulled her close to him suddenly without giving her a chance to breathe. He looked at her with a smile and kissed her forehead to which she closed her eyes.

"just simply can't I hold my wife close to me" he asked her and she made her lips in an O shape making him peck her lips and this action made her close her mouth immediately. He moved closer to her and kept his lips on her ear making her arouse. He moved his lips slowly to her lips and he smiled looking at her who closed her eyes, he left her and sat on his chair making her pissed. He saw from the corner of her eyes that she is irritated and he knew that she will stomp her foot now and will sit on her chair and do her work.

But the thing happened there was the exact opposite to what he had thought. She came closer to him and sat on his lap making him shocked. Before he can say anything she kissed him hard on his lips making him more shock now. When he was about to hold her and kiss her back she broke the kiss and stood on her feet. She moved out from the cabin still in her attitude style making him open his mouth wide. He is looking at her going out and he knew that it's her revenge plan so he made a face and continued his work.

As nandini came out she went to her interior designing department to check all the proceedings. As soon as she entered there all started to congratulate her, this made her realize that manik announced to all about her pregnancy. She too responded back to their wishes and soon started to discuss the developments in their projects over the week. It's obvious that she is also workaholic like manik and all are afraid of her when it is regarding work. Besides work she is also very friendly with her colleagues which give them a healthy atmosphere to work.

After the meeting is complete, she decided to go back to the cabin and face the monster but before that she felt an urge for micturition, due to her hormones. She moved towards the common waiting room for girls and went inside the washroom to finish her business. When she is inside, she heard some sounds from outside and before she come out she heard manik name so she stayed there listening to the talks.

"Did you listen that manik sir wife I mean nandini is pregnant" she heard one girl and she is calm now as she wants to know what is cooking in their heads.

"Yeah and did you see her dressing style today? She is covering all her body and I know manik will not like the girls who cover their body completely and he thinks they are old lady types" another girl spoke and now nandini is in full angry mood. She took deep breathes to calm her down and she was successful in doing so.

"yeah when she is over five months manik can't have sex with her and then I will seduce him the most and will have sex with him… it's even safe because nandini won't be around" she spoke unaware of the trouble she is going to face. This is the limit for her tolerance and nandini moved out of the washroom and the both girl

h smile making her laugh.

"Talk to him" she spoke and moved out from the room and at the same time nandini received manik call. She was about to receive the call when she thought that apologizing him like this will not be correct so she decided to talk to him once he reach home in the evening.

Nandini had her lunch, took her medicines and slept in the afternoon. She woke up at 4 in the evening and went to shower to get freshen. She came out and took her sari as they have prayer now. She was about to apply vermillion on her partition when she felt a hand on her wrist. She looked at the source and found it is manik. He smiled at her and applied vermillion on her partition. She was about to turn to him and talk to him but before that he hugged her from back making her still.

"I am sorry nandu, I don't know about anything that happened in the morning and even I don't know who are they and in which department they work… please don't be angry on me" he spoke and nandini turned towards him and kissed his cheeks.

"I know that you are innocent and those are my mood swings which made me speak like that I am sorry" she spoke resting her head on his chest. He hugged her back and touched her bare waist making her smile. He broke the hug and that is the time he noticed her attire. He had his mouth hung open seeing her looking so beautiful

"You are looking so gorgeous" he spoke and kissed her on her lips. She smiled and asked him to go and take a shower but manik knelt in front of her.

"First let me talk to my baby" saying, he lifted her sari from her waist and she smiled at him.

"Hi baby, today your mother behaved so weird and I know you are responsible for this and remember our deal you can't trouble mamma alone... please come out fast I can't wait to hold you in my arms" he spoke kissing her belly again and again. Soon he went to take shower and came out wearing his golden colored sherwani looking dashing as ever. Nandini complimented him and they both went down and helped all of them in the preparations.

All sat for prayer and being the lead manik and nandini sat near fire. After some time nandini started to feel uncomfortable because the heat from the fire is directly reaching to her stomach making it heat. Manik noticed this and asked cabir to brink blanked. He spread the blanket on her stomach making all the people present there smile. After the prayer all went to their respective rooms to end the day.

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