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   Chapter 10 Week 05 Part 02

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"Oh god please save me from this mini monster" manik prayed for himself while standing near the door and soon his prayers were answered when he heard nandini voice calling for him. He peeped out from his parent's room to see nandini standing at a little distance from the door. He came out from the room and as soon as nandini saw him she moved close to him and hugged him tight. Manik smiled as he understood that now nandini is normal.

"You scared me" she spoke and manik is confused listening to this. He looked at nandini breaking the hug

"Why are you scared?" he asked her while cupping her face. She looked at him with a cute face and hugged him again

"Because I thought that you will get fed up of me with these mood swings and will leave me" she spoke and manik nodded his head in disbelief. He then took time to explain to her that he will be with her forever.

"Baby I made a deal not to trouble your mother so you decided to trouble no it's not trouble it's scaring me….. You should be with me to trouble your mother but not be with your mother to trouble me… please don't change party" he spoke to his baby as he kneeled in front of nandini now. He removed her top from her belly now and started to kiss it making her smile.

"Ok, manik lets go down all are waiting" she spoke and he nodded looking at her. When he stood up on his feet he kissed nandini on her forehead and both moved down

"So finally the love birds are here?" abhi spoke and cabir stood from his place and went to manik to check for any injury there but he didn't find anything which made him upset and he looked at nandini

"What is this nandini… how can you not hit him… if you give permission then I will hit him on behalf of you" he spoke and before he can do anything he got a smack on his head. He turned towards the source and saw that it was nandini who did it.

"Why did you hit me?' he asked her to which nandini came forward and held his ear and twisted it lightly but the great actor cabir started to shout in pain. Hearing his shouting voice, Sid woke up from his sleep and started to cry which made all of them smile because even in this small age he is a support system to his father. Nandini left cabir and he moved towards Sid who is not stopping crying. He took Sid in his arms from navya and as soon as he is in his father arms he stopped crying. This made all of them smile and nandini was amused seeing Sid attachment with cabir even in this small age.

"I hit you because only I have the right to do anything with my husband" nandini spoke with a smile and even manik smiled looking at her.

"I know only you can do things with your husband which definitely needs a room" he spoke and in return manik took a cushion and was about to throw it at cabir but he saw Sid and stopped in his attempts.

"He is there and that is the reason you are safe now otherwise your head will be into two pieces by now" manik spoke looking at him with an angry glare. Cabir looked at Sid who is looking curiously at cabir. Cabir bend forward and kissed on Sid forehead.

"Sometimes I feel lucky to have him otherwise this monster would have killed me today" cabir spoke kissing Sid on his cheeks this time and this made Sid giggle.

"Dad" Sid spoke and cabir kissed him again making all of them smile at them.

"Sometimes I wonder how the hell did this joker has such an awesome bonding with Sid" manik spoke looking at both of them which made all smile and cabir looked at manik with a scowl on his face

"Why are you always jealous of my bonding with sid" he spoke and manik gave him an ARE-YOU-SERIOUS look which made him shrug look.

love the most" she spoke and all looked at her with a smile.

"You mean its morning sickness" manik asked with a confused face but mukti nodded her head in a no.

"No morning sickness is completely different from this and the morning sickness is mostly seen at third month... the main causes of morning sickness are the hormones estrogen, progesterone, human chorionic gonadotropin hormone" she spoke and all looked at her with confused faces.

"How are they responsible?" cabir asked being enthusiastic about all these things. All looked at mukti expecting an answer

"Estrogen levels - experts believe it might be partly due to an increase in the circulating level of estrogen, which can be 100 times higher during pregnancy, compared with levels found in women who are not pregnant. However, there is no evidence to show a difference in estrogen levels between pregnant women with or without morning sickness.

Progesterone levels - when a woman is pregnant, her levels of progesterone also rise. High levels of progesterone relax the uterus (womb) muscles to prevent early childbirth. However, it may also relax the stomach and intestines, resulting in excess stomach acids and GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease, or acid reflux).

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) - this hormone is first produced by the developing embryo soon after conception and then later by the placenta. Some experts suggest there may be a link between hCG and morning sickness." She spoke and all looked at her with wide mouths.

"Guys stop those looks I am feeling like some criminal and you all are interrogating me here" mukti spoke and all laughed at her dialogue. Manik made nandini sit on the bed and went down to bring some fruits to her and made her eat them. They all had smiles on their faces and soon all of them left for their daily routine and as manik was about to go nandini held his hand.

"Manik please I will also join office" she requested him and manik looked at her as if she did a crime. He was about to oppose her decision

"manik allow her to do and working till some months is not harmful but make sure she takes enough rest and less stress" mukti spoke and manik looked at nandini who is pleading him with her cute look.

"But on one condition that you will take enough rest" he spoke and nandini hugged him in happiness. All smiled at them and soon all of them left for their respective work places.

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