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   Chapter 9 Week 05 Part 01

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"Mr. Manik Malhotra" nandini yelled on top of her voice and her voice has such an echo that it took the sleep away from manik eyes in a second. He opened his eyes wide and looked at her who is standing near the washroom door with an angry glare on her face. Manik didn't expect this and he was shocked that why is she shouting his name like that waking him from his sleep and also from the dreams of his princess.

"What happened love?" he asked her with a confused look and seeing him like that her anger reached more than she expected and she threw the flower vase beside the door on the stand at him.

"Love my foot" she held and when manik head snapped at her and before he could do anything his head got hit with the vase, causing him to yell in pain. Hearing his painful scream, nandini ran towards him in a shift movement.

"Manik did it hurt?" she asked him cupping his face while he looked at her scared. In their three years of knowing each other, she never raised her hand on him but instead always used to teach him the lesson through her words but today she directly attacked him with a vase and on top of that he don't know the reason why he got this wonderful gift.

"It's bleeding" she shouted making manik come out from her thoughts and she looked all over the room for the first aid box. To her dismay, she didn't find it in their bedroom and she had tears in her eyes. Seeing her like this manik stood from his place, he moved to her and cupped her face

"Nandu, it didn't hurt me see I am fine it's just a small cut don't worry" he spoke lovingly and hearing his reply she started to cry loudly making him tense. He hugged her to calm her down and this worked as she started to calm down a little

"No, manik it's all because of me only... I don't know what got into me that I threw the vase at you... I am really sorry manik please don't leave me and go away for this" she spoke and she obviously don't know what she is speaking and she also don't know what affect her words have on him. As soon as he heard her words, he got angry because she can't think of him like some stupid husband who leaves his wife just because she raised her hand on him. He is definitely not a part of that club and even she knew that but today her mood swings are taking control over her completely.

Manik was about to shout at her forgetting about her condition when he remembered the words mukti spoke to him former this day.

"manik what happened you are looking stressed?" mukti asked manik who is looking so lost when they are jamming in their fab 5 guest house which is only for their recording and jamming. It is just like a studio.

"I don't know what happened to nandu, she is always thinking that I will leave her and go just because she is bearing my baby and now I can't have physical relationship with her and also that she will become fat... I am fed up with explaining her but I also know that I should not snap at her" he spoke and mukti nodded her head in an understanding way. She has seen many cases worse than this so this is not something new to her.

"Manik let me tell you this fourth and fifth week in pregnancy is more important to both baby and the mother because the mood of the mother will effect on the growth of the baby… and also the character of the baby" she spoke making him look at mukti shocked.

"Don't get shocked because as I said earlier baby develops its initial stage of brain, spinal cord and if nandu goes into depression now then the development of the baby decreases causing a trouble to it and may be even the baby also goes to the depression" she spoke and manik nodded his head and he decided to treat her with all the love he can.

"And don't forget it her drastic mood swings that is making her talk all this nonsense" she spoke before moving back to her instrument. They all started to jam again.

Remembering her words, he calmed down and decided to talk to her with love. He broke the hug and cupped her face

"nandu, remember one thing I loved you, I love you and I will love you no matter what and coming to this injury then let me tell you that it is a memory for me" he spoke pointing towards his wound on his forehead. She looked at him confused when she heard the last words. Seeing her confused, he smiled at her and kissed her forehead

"it's a memory because this shows me that you love me to core and need my attention and also wants to be with me in every second and even this also shows me that how m

down she saw that the fab 4 were already present there along with abhi and navya and off course Sid.

She smiled and greeted all of them before taking Sid from navya. She sat on the couch with Sid in her hands

"so my dear prince did you miss me?" she asked rubbing her nose with his making him giggle and she smiled seeing and even all smiled looking at them.

"nandu I saw a biryani freshly cooked in the kitchen in the morning did you make it?" nyonika asked her to which nandini looked at him in a second and then her mind registered that she asked him to prepare it when he did she slept. She bit her lower lip

"Actually mom it is prepared by manik at morning 4 when I asked for it and when he did I slept" she spoke and all were looking at her like she is mad. The person who will not sacrifice his sleep for anything woke up and even cooked food for her.

"Wow my dear sister I am proud of you" cabir spoke and he gave a kiss on her forehead making her smile. Before she could reply, they all saw manik coming down but what caught their attention is a bandage on his forehead. Nyonika rushed towards manik and cupped his face with one hand and with the other she started to analyze the wound.

"Manik what is it... what happened?" she asked and he smiled seeing her care for him. He held his mother by her shoulder

"As your daughter in law mom" he spoke and nyonika looked at nandini who is having tears in her eyes. Before nyonika could move already manik moved closer to her and held her tightly. He signaled cabir to take Sid, which he did.

"Baby why are you crying?" he asked her cupping her face and she side hugged him keeping her head on his heart crying.

"I am sorry manik you are hurt because of me" she spoke and all were looking at both of them confused. Manik kissed her forehead

"I already told you nandu you are not responsible for this" he spoke to her and made her calm down a little. Manik then looked at all of them who were looking at them confused. So he shared them the entire story last night.

"Ha-ha wow sister I never know you are this much super... I must appreciate you for throwing the vase at him" spoke abhi and nandini looked at him. Manik was glaring abhi for saying this as he thought that she will cry again.

"Yes I agree and nandu don't you think that the vase didn't hit him hard enough so let's try one more time what you say?" cabir spoke and nandini listened to their words clearly and he saw that mukti is also nodding her head in yes. She then turned towards manik and saw is wound and then she also realized that it's not deep.

"you are right cabir bro so pass me that vase I will hit him from here only" she spoke and stood from her place to collect the vase from cabir and when she turned back with vase in her hands, manik is not present there.

"Where the hell is you Mr. Manik Malhotra?" nandini voice echoed all over the mansion and manik who is hiding in his parent's room prayed to god for his safety.

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