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   Chapter 8 Week 04 Part 03

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All the people were having fun when even nyonika and raj came back in the early evening from their works to spend some time with nandini as she will go to her parent's house today night.

"So finally all are here... I guess manik got a good amount of lesson?" raj spoke looking at his son naughtily who made a bad face. All smiled looking at manik and nandini kissed his cheek making him smile to full.

"Manik" nandini called him and he looked at her who is looking at him with a puppy eyes and he knew there is something which is coming in his way now.

"What baby?" he asked and looked at her with a smile on his face. She then turned towards him as she is sitting in front of him with her head on his heart. He started to look in to her eyes to see a pure love for him which is making him smile.

"Idiot stop your eye lock and fulfill the demand of my sister" abhi shouted at manik breaking his trance and making all of them chuckle and nandini blushed for this only.

"Manik I want to eat papaya" she spoke and for the next second there is no voice in the living hall as all of them were shocked to core. They knew the minimum knowledge that papaya is the one of the fruit to be avoided during pregnancy. He looked at all of them only to see shocked expressions on their face but he composed himself and cupped nandini face.

"No baby you can't have it please demand something else but not this" he spoke lovingly but her hormones took the charge again. She was hurt that for the first time manik had rejected her wish which made her cry and she stood from her place.

"I am going to my room" she spoke and left from there running to her room. Manik know she is about to cry but he can't fulfill this wish of hers when he know that it's dangerous to his princess. He rubbed his face with his palms and looked at mukti

"What should I do?" he asked her with a sad look, she smiled at manik and stood from her place. She went to kitchen and took out papaya from the refrigerator. She came out from the kitchen and cut the fruit into pieces and gave it to manik. He is already looking at her with a shocked face and was shocked that why is she allowing her to eat this food.

"Are you mad?" he asked her and she gave him a serious look

"Just go and give this to her... and bring her down I will explain and trust me there will not be any harm to your baby" mukti spoke and having no option manik went to their room to find nandini sitting on the bed and crying holding a picture in her hand.

Manik went inside the room and he kept the plate on the bed stand and sat in front of her. He kept his hand on her hands which were on her knees. She looked at him and pulled her hands back turning her face to another side. Manik saw the picture in her hands and he took the frame from her hands and saw that it his picture which made him smile but he covered it soon and took the plate in his hands.

"So here goes these yummy papaya pieces" he spoke and took a piece of papaya into his mouth and he found them so soft which mean they are completely ripened. Seeing him eat the papaya piece, nandini snatched the plate from him and she took some pieces and kept them at a time in her mouth making her mouth bulge in to a big one. He smiled seeing her eat like this, he bent forward and kissed her cheeks to which she gave him an annoyed look and rubbed the place he kissed with the back of her hand. Seeing this manik made a bad face

"so no I can't even kiss my baby" he asked her with a sad face and seeing him like this nandini fell for his face and nodded her head in a no. seeing her he smiled and again kissed her cheek while she still made an annoyed face. Now manik bent forward and gave a peck on her lips which made her mouth open into an O shape. He smiled to core seeing this and she then gave manik an angry glare. He bent down and gave a kiss on her stomach making her smile but she made an angry face.

"Listen you can't kiss me" she spoke and listening to her words he had his mouth hung open

"Why?" he asked her with a shocked face. Seeing his face now nandini had a smirk on her face

"Because I am angry with you as you said a no to me" she spoke and manik was like what the hell is happening in my life. He gave her a look

"I even fulfilled your wish right" he spoke in a requesting voice but this time she is not going to fall for his tricks

"As you said no for the first time… you should

wins is not at all in our hands... generally there are two types of twins, they are monozygotic who are formed due to splitting of a single zygote into two parts... these type of twins are identical and are of same sex too and the second category is dizygotic twins which is the result of subsequent release of ova in the uterus.. And when sperm enters it binds with both the ova making two zygotes and a twins... they may be of same or different sex. Moreover, in the recent technology we can go for a surgery and get twins... just before the implantation the doctors divide the cells separately causing in the development of twins" she spoke and this time all had an amused expressions on their faces.

"Mukti who plays a role in the sex of the baby?" abhi asked with a smirk on his face and the way he spelled baby mukti understood his double meaning dialogue which made her but she covered it soon

"The sex of the baby totally depends on man... the men will have XY sex chromosomes in them while the females have XX sex chromosomes... so females always produce the ova with a character X while male produce sperm with both X and Y.. If the fertilization occurs with the sperm having X then it will be a girl while if the fertilization occurs with a sperm having Y then it is a boy" she spoke and now she is tired of the interview of her knowledge. She was about to speak to stop these when she heard a yawn from nandini.

"Manik take nandu to room and let her rest because she is very much tired" she spoke and looking at nandini, manik knew it is right so he nodded his head and picked her in his arms.

"This idiot always needs a chance to romance with my sister" cabir spoke and manik glared at him. Manik was about to say but they heard a loud cry from Sid which is enough to gain cabir attention. He rushed towards Sid who is sleeping peacefully on the couch. He took him in his arms and as soon as Sid is in his father arms he stopped crying. All smiled looking at them and they all dispersed to their homes. Manik took nandini to their bedroom and he then got down again, he decided to take dinner for nandini. He knew that she is too tired to sit and eat so he decided to pamper her. He fed her the dinner with their cute talks and soon they both decided to sleep.

"Oh no! Manik we decided to visit maa and papa but we forgot" she spoke just as they were about to lie on the bed. Manik looked at her to see her very tensed and biting her nails like a cute kid. He smiled at her and kissed her cheeks making her look at him with an annoyed face.

"Don't worry us will go to mom and dad tomorrow morning only... Now sleep" he spoke kissing her forehead. He lay down on the bed with her head on his chest and she in his arms. This is definitely their new beginning which is going to increase their love to another extent. Some correctly say that having a baby will increase the love and understanding between the couple to another level.

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