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   Chapter 5 happiness

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Manik and nandini talked with their parents for nearly one hour and they are the happiest people on the earth as they are going to welcome a small baby into their world. It is the happiest moment of their lives. Manik held nandini just as they completed their dinner. She looked at him with a smile and the intensity she saw in his eyes made her blush. He looked at her for a moment and closed his eyes and when he opened them his intensity is all gone. He is controlling himself.

Nandini saw this and she moved closer to him, she then sat in his lap encircling her arms around his neck. He held her tightly around her waist. He kept his head in her hairs and rested on her shoulder. Nandini held his neck tightly and she moved a little in his lap to adjust herself properly while manik made a sound

"Don't move you don't know with how much difficulty I am controlling myself" he spoke inhaling her scent which made her feel something. Her hands were in his hairs and she broke the hug

"Then who told you to control" she stated tracing her lips on his face seducing him. He closed his eyes to feel her touch and he then opened his eyes when he didn't feel her touch on his face.

"I don't want to disturb my baby and moreover you will get strained if we do it and now you need more and more energy and I know it's difficult for me to control but I will" he spoke looking into her eyes which made nandini eyes moist. She hugged him tightly and even he held her tight in his arms.

Still in the hug he stood up with nandini around him then he moved towards their room. He made her sit on the bed

"Did doctor give any medicines??" he asked her sitting beside her and she saw this and shifted to his lap. He held her in his arms

"No she said as the baby is getting implanted now only so no need of any medicines but I have to take food which has high proteins and calories... and next week I have to go for my first scan to check whether the baby is implanted correctly or not… thank god there is ectopic pregnancy" she spoke and he looked at her as if she is speaking an alien language.

"What language are you speaking baby... Ectopic pregnancy what is that?" he asked and she looked at him. She shook her head at him as if telling him that she is disappointed with him.

"Aww manik you don't know this also... see I am so much far better than you and see I know this which means I am intelligent" she spoke and he looked at her as if she is a crazy person.

"and since today you gave me the best news I am letting you believe that but come to the point and tell me what is that?" he spoke and she made a bad face as if she is going to cry. He saw that and immediately cupped her face

"Baby all knows who is intelligent among us and the answer will be you only so please don't cry" he spoke and listening to his words nandini started to smile like a kid. He thought that these are pregnancy mood swings but no it is plan by the great nandini Malhotra who decided to take a sweet revenge on him. She had a victory smirk on her face and manik saw that but he ignored it because he needs to find out the meaning of the word now.

"Are you telling me the meaning or should I leave from here" he asked her and she saw there is seriousness in his voice and she knew if he leaves from the room she won't be in peace.

"fine I will tell you.. the thing is the fertilization between ovum and sperm occurs in fallopian tube and then the zygote travels from fallopian tube to the uterus to get implanted.. and if it doesn't travel and get implanted in the fallopian tube itself then it is called ectopic pregnancy.. when this occurs the women will not even get to know that she is pregnant and the baby will die because there is no space available for its growth" she completed and manik had his mouth hung open not because of this information but because of nandini way of telling. She told him as if she is a gynecologist.

"how come my wife who is more than poor in biology get to know this?" he asked raising an eye brow at her and pulling her close to him in his lap. She gave him her biggest grin

"priya told me" she spoke almost immediately and he made a face at her. He now changed his face to smirk and seeing this nandini guessed some danger and she knew it's better for her to get out from there. She without giving him a chance and sensing that his hold is somewhat loose she stood on her feet fast and turned back to walk to the washroom but she couldn't move because of manik hold on her wrist. He pulled her on to the bed and hovered over her

"what were you telling before?" he asked her with a smirk and she knew there is a plan running in his mind. She shook her head in a no to him. He came more close to her near her face and their breathes were mingling with each other.

"you are intelligent and what was that crying drama?" he asked her raising his eyes brows and she looked at him shocked

"you knew" she asked him looking at him with wide eyes looking so cute. He couldn't resist her so he immediately pecked on her cheeks making her smile

"initially no but at last I saw your grin and I am sure that you are doing some drama" he spoke and came more close to her and he was now two inches far from her and she locked her hands around his neck. Seeing her close he couldn't control more and kissed her with all his love.

In all this process he for once didn't forget her pregnancy as he didn't keep his entire weight on her and he is having his weight on his hands. He kissed her with all his life and even she did it. He turned their position and now she is lying on top of him. They soon broke the kiss and they both had an intense eye lock.

"Baby please move away before I lose my control" he spoke in between his shallow breathes and she smiled at him. She came close to him and spoke in his ears

"Then don't and don't worry about the baby because it's not big enough to get troubled by our love" she spoke and this is the last barrier for him. He within a blink changed their position and now he is on top of her. Today no one can stop his love for her. He kissed her again on the lips and even she kissed him back with the same passion. Soon they broke the kiss and manik didn't leave her skin and he attacked her neck.

They were deep into their passion and soon they are naked also. Manik came towards her cleavage and saw her feminine parts and he observed the change there

"Baby see they increased in size and even your nipple color is also changed it turning to dark color" he spoke looking at her cutely which made her smile. She kissed him on his forehead.

"yes they are getting ready to pr

oduce milk and only after pregnancy woman can produce milk and not in any other situation" she spoke ruffling his hairs and he smiled at her brightly.

"this means even I can drink your milk now and you know what I so wanted to taste them but they never come so now I won't leave" he spoke rubbing his hands as if he is going to eat his favorite dish. Seeing his excitement she laughed at him while he made a face at her.

"You won't in the next nine months because only after my delivery the milk will come due to more amounts of prolactin and oxytocin hormones" she spoke and manik looked at her again shocked.

"how do you know all this?" he asked her to which she gave him a smile

"I did research on all these things before only" she spoke and he gave her a naughty smile.

"So you played smart and now it's time to shut your smartness" he spoke and soon they both were involved in their own world where no one can do anything to them.

As they completed their work, manik made her wear his shirt and he too wore his shorts. He then moved the shirt up exposing her stomach where he kissed her uterus again and again.

"if daddy had made you feel uncomfortable while sleeping sorry baby and you know what I love you so much" he spoke these words and he saw nandini was listening to their talks. So he bends down more near her stomach

"more than your mother and don't say this to her otherwise she will not allow me to talk to you" he spoke in a very low voice complaining to his baby. He then looked at nandini giving her a sheepish smile

"so what is that secret?" she asked and he kept his head on her stomach but didn't keep any weight on her.

"You only said it's a secret and why should I say it to you because it's between me and my princess" he spoke and kissed her belly again. Soon they slept in each other arms and manik took care that she doesn't sleep on her stomach in any case.


Next morning they both had a peaceful sleep and a pleasant smile on their faces indicating their happiness. Nandini had her head on manik heart and he held her with his one arm on her shoulder and other on her belly near his baby. His sleep was disturbed when he felt that his arms were suddenly pushed away from nandini body. He woke from his sleep in a jerk and saw a person rushing inside the washroom. He turned towards nandini side and saw it was empty and then he heard the sound of puking and he ran inside the washroom only to see nandini head in the sink.

He immediately went near her and caught her hairs behind him in a fist which is loose definitely. Soon nandini stood properly and manik saw in the sink but there was nothing.

"nandu, there is nothing you have puked?" he asked her confused and she being tired kept her head on his chest after washing her face. He held her in his arms

"No manik I am feeling nauseous but it's not coming out" she stated and he nodded his head. He took her in his arms in bridal style and then made his way towards bed. He placed her on the bed and then made her sleep again.

He kissed her forehead and then moved out to kitchen wearing a shirt to get her breakfast ready. As soon as he reached down he was surprised and shocked to see their parents in the living room chatting.

"when did you guys come back?" he asked and soon greeted everyone and they congratulated him.

"we came yesterday night only but didn't come to house as its late and we came here half an hour ago" nyonika, manik mother spoke. Manik then looked at the clock and found it is already 9:30 in the morning. He was shocked that how did he sleep this much time but chucked it off

"mom and maa nandu is feeling nauseous what I should do now?" he asked both nyonika and madhu, nandini mother. They both smiled at him and then moved towards the kitchen to make her some ginger tea which gives her relief from her nauseous feeling. When the tea is done manik took it back to their room.

"nandu come on get up and drink this tea and then sleep again if you want" he spoke kissing her forehead. she stirred in sleep and then opened her eyes a little looking at him who is kneeling down on the ground and looking at her with a smile. she then sat on the bed and he too sat in front of her and gave her tea. she took a sip of it

"its taste is same like the one which mom prepares" she spoke and completed the tea as if she is eating her favorite dish after centuries. he smiled at her and waited for her to complete her tea and when she did he took the cup from her.

"Its taste is same because it is prepared by mom only" he spoke and nandini looked at him with wide eyes because she is shocked. he chuckled at her expression

"yes they came yesterday night only" he told her and she immediately stood on her feet and ran towards the door of the room to go out but before she could go out manik held her hand and looked at her horrified. she looked at him annoyed as he is stopping her

"what are you sure you are going down like this?" manik asked nandini and showed her attire to him. nandini then looked down at her attire and realized that she is only in manik shirt and there is nothing else on her body. she bit her tongue and was about to go to the washroom but manik held her hand and pulled her back. her back collided with his front and he moved close to her

"i have no problem and i love to see you like this my life time and i think i will prefer to see you even without this also" he spoke huskily in her ears and moved his hands to her front and started to open the buttons of his shirt. nandini closed her eyes feeling his touch and manik kept his hands on her belly and caressed it with love. nandini opened her eyes when she felt that manik is moving. she saw him kneeling in front of her

"Baby is safe here and don't trouble mamma so much and when you come out we will trouble her together" he spoke and his words made nandini smile. she ruffled his hairs

"ok manik leave me i will fresh and come then we will move down" she spoke and he nodded his head and released her. she went to washroom and then came out soon. they both moved down

"i think i told you to come after your tour?" she asked raising her eyebrows and then she sat beside them with a serious face.

"yes and we came back after the tour only.. yesterday when you called us we were in Dubai coincidentally which is the last place in our tour and then when we told us we both came here as we completed seeing Dubai a long ago" raj said and nandini nodded her head. they all thought that she is angry at them but she proved them wrong by hugging them all tightly. soon they had a great family time.

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