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Nandini came back to their house and bought some things while coming. She is feeling so happy and content. She never expected the change in her life in such a short extent and now she can't wait to tell manik about their good news. She was still in her thoughts when her mobile started to ring and it is none other than manik himself. She smiled widely seeing his name on the mobile and she received the call immediately

"manik" she spoke and she was about to continue her dialogue when manik cut her in middle

"where are you and why are you not receiving my call I am trying to call you from long time how are you?" he spoke not giving her a single chance for her to talk. She waited for him to stop his dialogues

"now why are you silent say something" he spoke to her when he didn't listen any response from her side. She decided to speak now because he gave her the gap

"if you will give me gap then only I can talk" she spoke and he then realized that he didn't give her any gap to speak. He bit his tongue and took a deep breathe

"ok now say" he spoke and waited for her to speak

"I didn't receive your call because I went to hospital…." She was about to continue when he shouted on top of his voice.

"what hospital?? Why? What happened to you? And are you fine now?" he spoke and nandini decided to cut him but he didn't give her that gap also.

"manik let me say.." she spoke again but he didn't listen to her and now she no other option than to wait for him to stop his ranting again

"no you won't speak like this wait I am coming home in 15 minutes" manik spoke and disconnected the call even before nandini can speak. She looked at the mobile with open mouth and then smiled to herself seeing his protectiveness.

She then moved to do the things in her plan to make him realize this. She did all the work and sat on the couch in the living room when the bell of the main door rang. She knew who is it so she moved towards the main door to unlock it and as soon as she opened she met with the worried face of manik.

As soon as he saw her he immediately hugged her tight in his arms. She was already expecting this so she was not at all shocked and she hugged him tight. He buried his head in her hair making her smile to core. He then broke the hug and cupped her face.

"you are fine right?" he asked and nandini nodded her head in yes. He took a relief breathe which he was holding from the time he listened that she went to hospital.

"then why did you go to hospital?" he asked her now in a calm tone and nandini smiled at him but she decided not to say the entire thing to him.

"just went to meet priya there" she spoke the half-truth and he nodded his head entering inside the house now. He settled himself on the couch in the living room. She too came and settled beside him keeping her head on his shoulder while he held her hand and kissed the back of her hand.

"you know I got a mini heart attack when I heard you went to hospital and moreover that morning incident is not going out from my mind and then this.." he didn't continue as he knew he voice will betray him for sure. He may be so much strong to the outside world but a small scratch on his loved ones he will be the one who will the first one to get hurt. He will be the first one to pray for the safety of his family safety and he will be the first one to do anything to make sure you will be fine. He is so attached to his family and no one will believe this because his image is so rude and arrogant one. Those who entered his personal life only can know him in and out.

Nandini looked at him and she decided to bring her plan into execution so she stood from her place and bought him coffee which he drank without noticing anything around it. Nandini know this won't work so she had a backup plan ready with her. She went inside their bedroom and bought him his gift. Manik was thinking about something that he didn't notice nandini movements. He opened his laptop to do some little work so that he is out from all those idiotic thoughts when he heard she went to hospital. Not that he is over reacting on this topic but when you realized that there is something wrong with your loved person and then you get to know that they went to hospital is something w

hich you won't digest easily.

Manik came out from his thoughts when he felt nandini hugging her from behind closing his eyes and kept the gift in front of him. He held her hand on his face and smiled

"what is this nandini?" he asked and removed her hand from his eyes. He smiled looking the gift in front of him. He removed the gift package away when he saw a light green color cardboard box in it. He looked at her confused but she nodded her head in a go sign asking him to continue the unwrapping. He opened the box and what he saw there left him more than shocked.

'Welcome to the world FATHER'

He looked at her shocked and tears formed in his eyes and he rubbed them off from his eyes but again and again they came out from his eyes. He looked at her with a smile and pulled her closer to him. He made her sit in his lap

"nandu is this true?" he asked not being sure of what he saw there. She smiled at him and kissed his forehead

"yes manik we are finally getting blessed with a baby" she spoke the words which he wanted to listen from her mouth from many months. Even he wanted to have a baby but he didn't say it to her because he knew she will get emotional that she is not able to give him baby and he don't want her to feel guilty so he left this on god who finally fulfilled their wish.

Manik being so happy joined his forehead with nandini still with tears in his eyes. Nandini can never forget the smile on his face when he came to know about her pregnancy. Then manik hugged her tight in his arms

"I am so much happy nandu and even don't know how to express it thanks a lot or this and why didn't you tell me before only" he asked her to which she gave him a look still in his lap sitting comfortably. She gave him a look while he raised his eyebrows confused.

"just see the cup" she said and manik took the cup in which he drank the coffee earlier. He saw the bottom of the cup and he bit his lower lip giving her a sheepish smile while she gave him a kiss on his cheek.

"but wait yesterday you said you were on periods?" manik asked her while tracing her face with his forefinger. Nandini smiled at him and encircled her arms around his neck.

"that is implantation bleeding.. I felt so much pain and then my bleeding ceased so I decided to consult a doctor and so I said like that to you in the morning so that you won't get worried" she spoke and he nodded his head before kissing her forehead.

He then made her sit on the couch and knelt in front of her raising her top a little. He even removed her jeans to a little extent so that he can touch her uterus. He kissed her two inches below the belly button where exactly her uterus is there. He then again and again kissed her there making her giggle.

"you know what baby I love you from now only.. and I know there is very much long time for you to come near me but till that time don't stress mommy ok and be careful my dear love will be waiting for you" he spoke and nandini laughed looking at him. Her movements due to laugh interrupted manik to talk to his angel

"what why are you laughing let me talk to my angel" he spoke looking at her cutely while she just went awww on his cuteness

"manik you know right now the baby can't listen to you then" she spoke raising her eyes brows and manik smiled at her and sat beside her on the couch before kissing her flat belly again.

"I know but even you don't have right to stop me from talking to my daughter and I will talk to her even if she doesn't listen" he declared at her and she shook her head in disbelief. He always wanted a daughter just like nandini so when she said she is pregnant so he decided that it is going to be a girl only.

"let's tell this to our parents" manik spoke and took his mobile to call his parents and nandini stopped him.

"no manik just send the picture to them which I will forward to you now" she spoke and manik nodded his head to her. She sent him a picture and seeing the picture manik smiled and they sent the picture to their respective parents.

"only the best parents gets promoted to grandparents"

Within a second both the parents called and they spoke to them happily. Finally god decided to give a small angle in to their world and make it perfect beyond limits.

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