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   Chapter 3 diagnosis

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The next morning is same for manik and nandini. She woke up first and went to get freshened when she felt some movement in her uterus. Then there is a sudden cramp in her lower abdomen as if her uterus is stretching to give place for something in it.

She removed her clothes and was shocked because she didn't find herself bleeding again and after the two three drops yesterday there is no bleeding and she is no more confused because all these cramps and this lack of bleeding is not good for the health. So she decided to visit the doctor and know what is wrong with her. A girl can ignore her illness at any place but not at her vagina because if we ignore a single thing there then it leads to many complications without any invitation.

She turned on the shower and massaged her lower abdomen to ease the pain and she was successful to an extent. After she got done with her business she came out in a towel and went to her closet which is nearly arranged with her wide variety of clothes. She took a casual dress which will be comfortable for her to go to her checkup. She got herself dressed and turned towards manik to find him looking at her without blinking his eyes.

"What?" She asked him because she was not sure that what he saw that he is looking at her like an alien at her. He blinked his eyes and moved closer to her and made her stand in front of the mirror. He hugged her from behind kissing her cheek

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you look early in the morning while you get ready" he spoke and nandini understood what he saw. She blushed looking down but soon she composed herself and leaned onto his chest holding his hands on her waist.

"I don't want this minute to end... You and me like this is all I want" manik spoke and listening to his words nandini just smiled at him and kissed him on his heart. Manik then turned her around her and kissed her on her lips making her smile. They both were completely immersed in their kisses when manik hands moved towards her front body parts from her back. He touched her lower abdomen when he felt something moving inside her body.

He got confused with the movement and broke the kiss and he saw that nandini is almost breathless and this is another shock to him. They have kissed for nearly fifteen minutes without getting breathless and here they kissed for only two minutes and she is already breathless.

"Nandu there is something which is changing in your body I felt some movement on your abdomen and see you got breathless so easily with the kiss" he spoke with so much concern in his voice which made her smile to her core. She encircled her arms around his neck.

"It's just because of my periods and nothing more" she spoke assuring him or rather we can say that she is assuring herself because she can't let anything happen to her. Not that she is selfish for her life but she wants to bear a small life in her womb and so decided to care of it till she gave a birth to a baby.

There are many times when she used to get depressed because she is not giving birth to a baby. They are married since one and half year and still she didn't get conceived. Not that there is problem with them or they don't have any relationship between them. She never discussed this with manik because she knows he will not like this topic of discussion as he knows that this topic will make her weak. Seeing all these changes in her body there is a minute fear in her heart that she will not be able to conceive in her life and manik will always try to hide his pain from her.

"Hello what are you thinking" she heard manik voice bringing her out from her thoughts. She looked at him who is looking at her with concerned eyes so she just nodded her head in a no. Manik know there is something but she is not telling him and he also knew she will say to him soon so he decided not to pressure her.

"Ok go and get ready we will leave for office" he spoke to her and kissed her forehead before going to washroom to get fresh. She moved downstairs to make breakfast for both of them. He came down in less than 15 minutes in his formals wear and saw her still in her casual clothes instead of formals which made him confused

"Nandu, are you not coming to office now?" He asked her making her startled at his sudden voice. She composed herself and nodded her head in a no while he went to take water bottles from the refrigerator.

"Why?" He asked sipping water from the bottle. She closed her eyes gathering herself to tell him a lie so that he don't bother about her and don't take ant tension.

"I will rest till afternoon and will come in the afternoon session today with lunch as I am in a mood to cook food today" she spoke immersing herself and pretending as if her mood swings are in charge. Manik saw at her amused and shook his head in disbelief

"You and your weird mood swings and I don't know how I will tolerate them for my entire life" he spoke and she made a face looking at him, after eating his breakfast manik left from the house after bi

dding her bye.

"Hello priya you are free now??" nandini called her friend who is a gynecologist and when she got the positive answer from priya, nandini too rushed out from the house. Nandini drover herself to the hospital and she went to the reception there

"i have to meet Ms. Priya sharma" nandini asked the receptionist and she checked the availability of priya and when she that the doctor is free she gave nandini directions to go to her cabin

"so why did madam decided to visit me today?" priya asked nandini as soon as she saw her. Nandini gave a look to priya which is a sad one and priya immediately shut her mouth seeing her sad face.

"ok now tell me what is the problem?" priya asked nandini while making her sit in the chair before her while she sat on her seat.

"i don't know why but i am feeling many cramps, fatigue, headache now a days and even i got my periods one week before but after the initial two to three drops it's not at all bleeding but the cramps are increasing more" she spoke and priya got a silent indication of what nandini is feeling. Before she could jump to any conclusions she decided to send nandini to her senior who is expect in this.

"nandu come with me" priya spoke and she held nandini hand taking her to the senior doctor.

"mam this is nandini and nandu this is my senior doctor here Mrs. kapoor and she the best gynecologist here and please tell all the things you said to me to her" priya spoke to nandini and she left the room. The doctor introduced herself and soon they engaged themselves in the conversation and nandini told her problems again.

"Can you remember and tell me the color of the bleeding i mean it looked like normal or there is any color change?" she asked nandini and she thought for a second before answering the question

"Yeah it is somewhat brown in color" nandini spoke and the doctor smiled at nandini.

"Can you tell me whether you have any sexual intercourse near" she asked nandini as she also got the idea from her symptoms

"Yes doctor just two days back" nandini spoke with a slight blush but she kept it aside. The doctor nodded her head and then she asked nandini to come with her for some checkup. She made nandini lie on the bed and then she kept her hand on nandini uterus to feel any moments and when she felt then she smiled. She then checked the pulse of nandini which is high than required confirming her doubts but still for a final checkup she took her blood sample.

"nandini i think you are pregnant and if you want to confirm then wait till you get these reports which will not take more time i.e up to four hours so i think we will have to wait till then" the doctor declared and it fell as a bomb on nandini head. She is shocked, amused, stunned, happy and what not. Nandini not able to speak anything just nodded her head in yes. She then moved to priya room who is waiting for her

"so are you pregnant?" even priya asked the same question and nandini said the thing which the doctor has said.

"ok, don't worry wait here till then and even I don't have any work till afternoon so let's catch up with all the things" priya spoke and soon they got themselves busy in their talks. Nandini mobile ring made both them keep a stop to their ranting. She checked the caller and its manik, she knew if she answers the call now then she will say all the things to manik automatically which she don't want, and so she ignored his call.

"mam your reports are ready" the ward boy came and told them and soon nandini along with priya went inside the doctor cabin.

"congratulations nandini as I said you are pregnant" the doctor said and the happiness of nandini knew no bounds. she was about to speak when she remembered about the bleeding she faced yesterday.

"But doctor I had a bleeding yesterday" nandini spoke looking at the doctor in a confused way. She knew that when a person is pregnant she doesn't get bleeding only.

"That is implantation bleeding nandini... This occurs rarely in some people and this is the first sign of pregnancy and let me tell you that you got this sign and also there is nothing wrong in that... It's just your baby is making place for itself in your womb do she or he is throwing the blood out from there... generally it will last from hours to days and by the way I forgot you are entering into your third week of pregnancy and still you have more than 37 weeks left to bring a good person into the world" doctor spoke to nandini make her smile to full.

The time taken for fertilization of a sperm with the ovum is 6 to 14 days and the next ten days will be the time for implantation of the zygote in to the walls of the uterus.

"Thanks a lot doctor" nandini spoke and she hugged Priya. She decided to go and share this news to manik as soon as possible. As it's already 1:30 in the afternoon Priya insisted her to have lunch with her to which she agreed.

'have lunch and be free I have to talk to you' nandini sent a message to manik before she go to lunch with her friend.

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