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They both were immersed completely in their works when nandini started to feel headache due to the continuous work and even her mild cramps are not helping her. She held her head in her hands and this bought manik attention to her. He immediately stood from his place and moved close to her kneeling in front of her. He cupped her face and this made nandini open her eyes and look at him whose eyes were filled with full concern.

"Nandu you are not at all fine, go to house and rest" he spoke and she nodded her head in no. She cupped his face and spoke

"Manik this headache is due to continuous work and I think one coffee will work now and I will be fine" she spoke and manik looked at her with a confusing look.

"Don't look like that you idiot and still if I don't feel good after coffee I will tell you and go to home immediately ok?" He spoke and manik agreed to it immediately as finally she decided to take rest at any point. She was about to stand up so that she can get a coffee for herself but manik immediately kept his hands on her lap making her sit on her set again.

"I will get the coffee and go and wash your face" he spoke and she nodded her head in yes. He stood from his place and went out from the cabin while she entered the washroom which is attached to their cabin only. The washroom contains their clothes just in case they need and also their daily essentials used there. She washed her face and then decided to check whether she has to change her sanitary pad or not. When she checked she didn't find a single drop of bleeding which made her confused because generally in the first day the bleeding with be more which keep on increasing till third day which then decreases up to fifth day morning and ceases at the same night. She was thinking about this when she heard manik voice asking her to come out. She washed her hands again and went out.

"So here you go for your filter coffee" he spoke forwarding her favorite filter coffee to her. She smiled at him taking a sip of her coffee.

"You have to tell me for sure if you feel tired we both will go home as the work is almost over" he spoke and she looked at him for an excuse but she found his face with a stern expressions. She gulped and nodded her head in yes.

Soon they completed their coffee and resumed to their works. After some time she started to feel tiredness and she is feeling numb at some places. She then decided that she has to go home for rest. She doesn't have any more energy left for doing any work.

"Manik" she called him and he looked at her in a blink listening to her fired voice. Even her eyes showed her tiredness and manik don't need any more words to say. He immediately stood from his place shutting down his system. He went close to her and closed all her files and her system.

Before she could speak anything he took her in her arms in bridal style and went out from his cabin. All the employees were shocked to see them like this. Not that t

hey don't know that they are married but they are a couple who will keep both their personal and professional life separate. They were about to think when they saw the full face of nandini and they understood that she is not fine. They all blessed the couple silently because they both care for each other more than anything.

Nandini held him tightly by her neck and buried her face in his neck. He smiled seeing her baby like antics and kissed her forehead. They soon reached the parking lot and he made her sit in the car and he took the driving seat.

Soon they reached home and manik being manik again took her in his arms and went directly to their bedroom. He slowly made her sleep in the bed and went down to the kitchen to bring some warm water and cloth. He came back to the bed room and locked the door.

He came and sat beside her on the bed and she smiled looking at him. He removed her top from her stomach and even opened her skirt a little down exposing her abdomen region. He dipped the cloth in the warm water and kept it on her abdomen to decrease her cramps to some extent.

This worked a lot and she felt relaxed instantly. Manik look then went forward to her foot which were looking like swelled. He after some time massaging her abdomen went to her foot and even did the same process with her. In this process without her intention nandini slept off. He smiled looking at her and fixed her dress.

But he saw her getting uncomfortable in that skirt which is hugging her abdomen so he decided to change her dress. He bought his t-shirt and shorts and made her wear them. She has the habit of wearing only his clothes during night and even he loved this habit of hers. After completing her changing he sat in the couch after changing himself into his casual wear and completed his remaining work and decided to cook some food for her.

He came down to the kitchen and cooked food for her which is none other than her favorite biryani. After continuous effort of two hours he was done with his cooking. So he moved to the bedroom to wake her for lunch.

"Nandu... Get up now" manik spoke in her ears and she smiled even in her sleep listening to his voice. She stirred a little bit but slept again and he knows how to wake her. So he went down again and served the biryani in the plate.

He bought the plate to their room and the smell made her wake up from her sleep in just little seconds. She sat on the bed in a jump smelling the biryani. He chuckled seeing her reaction.

"So finally this idea worked but a little faster than every time" he said and sat beside her to feed her. Soon they had their lunch and the rest of the day went in a blink for them because they spent the most of their time in chatting, being in each other's arms, cuddling and manik taking good care of nandini.

All the symptoms like tiredness, fatigue, cramps, headache are the primary symptoms of pregnancy which many people ignore thinking it's normal...

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