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   Chapter 1 early symptoms

Perfect Pregnancy Phase By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 5447

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The early morning sun rays will always find its way to disturb the sleep of many people but it succeeds only in some cases but in others it can't bring any change.

Today it played its role to wake the sleep of the girl who is sleeping perfectly in the arms of her life. She opened her eyes and looked at her lifeline sleeping in a cute position. He is having his one arm around her and his another one below his head and he is sleeping on his stomach with his mouth slightly open as if waiting for someone to keep food in his mouth.

The girl chuckled seeing her husband like this and tried to remove his hold from her body but it is not at all possible due to his iron grip on her body. She again lifted his arm with all her force

"Nandini let me sleep yaar" the man spoke in his sleepy voice and this is the sexiest voice for her in the whole world. She bent down and kissed her husband forehead.

"Manik you continue sleeping till I will get fresh and come" she spoke to him while ruffling his hairs to which he just hmmed and moved a little far from her and slept again.

She stood up from the bed and she felt her lower back sore which is very new for her. She is not a girl who gets so tired easily and getting a lower back pain even when she didn't do more work is not common.

'May be due to my periods as they are near due of one week and also may be due to more sleeping in the bed in supine position' she thought and took her clothes from her closet before moving to the washroom. She felt sudden cramps in her lower abdomen and she is not getting doubt that her periods are on.

She went inside taking the essentials and then checked to see herself blessing but what she noticed is the amount which is less now. She chucked her thoughts and got freshened using hot shower to loosen her abdominal muscles and came out to see her husband still sleeping.

"Mr. Manik malhotra wake up from your sleep now" she spoke to him in a stern voice so that he should listen to her but he didn't. So she moved closer to him and spoke in his ears

"Get up now manik otherwise let me tell you that you won't be able to make love to me for another five days" she spoke and he sat on the bed with a jerk not because she threatened about their love making but the time she said five days is enough for him to alarm him. He looked at the calendar immediately and realized one thing and looked at her confused.

"But your periods have one week time already" he spoke and she nodded her head in a yes.

"But I got early this month may be due to my stress and over work" she spoke to him and he held her hand. He made her sit on the bed beside him

"I know that now the pain will be more so please today sit i

n the home and rest" he spoke to her while she looked at him with all the love in her

"But manik I will be bored here and in office you will be there to take care of me so please I will come and I promise no extra work" she spoke and he nodded his head in yes thinking it of a little time. He stood from his place to get himself an outfit for today. She moved downstairs to prepare the breakfast for them.

Manik is the CEO of the entire malhotra industries and nandini is the CEO of the interior designing branch in the malhotra industries. They both have the same cabin in their office after their marriage. It was a out and out love marriage and their parents were more than happy to get them married. After their marriage both of their parents together went for world tour and it's been nearly one and half year and still their world tour is not over because after all they got a chance for their second honeymoon so they enjoying their life to their best.

Manik came down after his daily routine in his formals which consist of white shirt with black suit and black bottom. He never has the habit of having a tie around his neck unless it's an important meeting. He feels that the tie of very suffocating and will never opt it soon.

"Nandu" he called for her sitting on the dining table. Even though they have plenty of servants around them no one can meet the needs of manik because even if he wants a single glass of water he should get it from hands of nandini only.

"Yes" she came out with a glass of milk in her hand and seeing her drinking milk is the biggest shock for manik because she literally hates milk. But now she is drinking milk

"Nandu are you alright?? You hate milk and now you are drinking Milk" he asked while she started to serve him his breakfast. She looked at him with a smile on her face.

"Manik it's just that I am not feeling like to eat anything so I decided to adjust on this" she spoke and he nodded his head understanding her mood swings. They both had their breakfast with their little talks and soon they went to their office.

They entered their office and as soon as she entered nandini felt a weird sensation in her body and she ceased in her place. Manik felt the void beside him and looked back at her who is standing there all shocked.

"Are you fine Nandu?" He asked cupping her face and she looked at him. She felt cramps again in her lower abdomen but she decided not to tell him about it because he will be worried unnecessarily.

"Nothing manik just thinking something" she spoke and held his hand walking inside the office. He nodded his head at her and moved beside her. They entered the cabin and soon they immersed themselves in their work.

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