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   Chapter 5 Untamed

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She woke up feeling so spent. Kana yawned, and tried to get out of the bed. But when she did, she could not move.

Ken's legs and arms are wrapped on her.

She looked at his sleeping face, slightly turned towards her.

Her face heated up as she remembered everything that happened.

They both acted in a brazen and audacious manner.

He wanted to conquer her, and she gave herself to him without any reservations.

Kana closed her eyes once again. With a satisfied look on her face, she recalled the moment when they became united.

Their bodies, hearts, and soul became one.

They were untamed.


Ken gently put her down the bed in a sitting position, his eyes held hers in a mesmerizing gaze. He then placed both of his hands beside her, imprisoning her between him and the bed.

He leaned closer, never breaking eye contact with her.

He kept his face almost an inch away from her, and she could smell his minty scent. His breathing was ragged and his breath was hot against her skin.

"Do you know how ravishing you look today that I have never controlled myself as hard as I ever did in my entire life?"

One of his hand lifted to trace her cheeks. His fingers were burning and it gave her shills that ran through her spine.

She angled her face to feel his touch even more.

"I did not know." She answered, but she understood his meaning quite well. "You are always so good in hiding your emotions."

He smiled in a dangerously seductive manner. She was caught off-guard when he suddenly kissed her lips and bit the lower part.

"I am only me when I'm with you, Kana." He said meaningfully afterwards.

She lifted one eyebrow at him while licking her bitten lower lip with her tongue. Her action made his yes darkened with desire.

"Ken, do you know how much I've been waiting for this?"

A flicker of confusion flashed through his eyes. And he laughed, slightly throwing his head back in action.

She did not understand what made him laugh.

Ken stood and moved towards the round table where he placed the bottle of champagne earlier. She watched silently as he poured the liquor onto each glass. Then, he took the glasses and lifted one for her to take.

"Let's toast for tonight, Kana."

Their glasses touched, and they both drank the champagne. Kana instantly felt the warm liquid that coursed through her throat. It made her feel warm immediately. The slightly nervous feeling she has been having since the ceremony was lifted by the liquor's spirit.

She lifted her glass to him, and he looked at her with amusement. He took the glass but just placed it on the table and did not fill it up again.

"I want more." She pouted.

"I don't want you drunk on our first night." He said.

Her hands on her lap fidgeted as she looked down. Ken put his glass down and sat beside her on the bed. He took her hands on his and began kissing her palms.

"Ken…" her voice sounded afraid, and Ken understood what she was feeling at the moment.

He cupped her face with his warm hands and their foreheads touched.

"Don't be afraid, I will be gentle." He said, and kissed the tip of her nose.

She closed her eyes, and savor the warm feeling of his lips on hers. When their lips parted, she looked at him with intense expression.

"I want to undress you." She uttered all of a sudden.


n was awestruck.

He did not expect that Kana would be so brazen to say such words. He wondered if a glass of champagne was enough to make her drunk.

"I'm not drunk." Kana said when she reckoned the expression on his face.

How could she be drunk with just a glass?

She was trained to be able to hold her alcohol by the previous Mentor of the Shadows. She could drink different kinds of liquor till dawn while keeping her mind sober. Of course, most of the times she would pretend to be drunk for her work's sake.

"I have been wanting to undress you." She repeated her words, meeting his gaze squarely.

Ken suppressed the urge to laugh due to the intensity of her look.

'She is serious!'

When he nodded, she began to unbutton his shirt. She was doing it in a slow manner that Ken was almost at the verge of his control. The occasional contact of her fingers on his bare skin was enough to set his blood boiling. When she reached the last button, Ken was sweating.

But Kana's attention was not with his expression.

She was so focused on the perfection that slowly unfolds in front of her eyes. She had seen him top-naked on several occasions but not as close as this. She could not help herself but touch him, in awe of his flawlessness.

When her hands reached his belt, his hand covered hers.

"Ken, I'm not yet fini-"

Her words were caught in her throat as Ken kissed her deeply. It was a long and passionate kiss that she was left catching her breath when he stopped.

Ken lifted her chin, and their eyes met.

"Kana, you don't know the effect you have on me." He drawled, his teeth almost gnawing as if in chill.

Her brows knitted. He took one of her hand and guided it down. Her eyes widened in understanding.

She took her hand away from him and cupped his face with her small palms. She stood and leaned on him, when their foreheads touched, she pushed him on the bed.

"What the-"

Ken was caught off-guard with her action. Kana laughed flirtatiously as she stood beside the bed and looked at him.

The picture of him lying on the bed with his legs dangling on the sides was so titillating and she is so turned-on.

"Ken, I want this to be a memorable night for us." She said, as she untangled the string on her shoulders that hold her dress together.

Ken looked at her with such heated gaze from her face to her toes, as he pulled himself to stand. He closed the very small distance between them.

"You took the words out of my mouth, Kana. I promise to make tonight unforgettable for you." His lips hovered just above hers.

"Only for me?" She asked.

He smiled.

"For me, as well."

"Let's get started then, honey." She said and made the first move to kiss him.


Kana touched her swollen lips as she reminisced what happened between them last night. She could not believe how much energy they both have that she almost thought they would not fall asleep. She grinned widely.

What they had last night was indeed unforgettable.

'Will I get pregnant soon?'

She chose the date of their wedding that corresponds to her fertility period, as suggested by some elder women. She could not help the excitement of bearing Ken's child within her. She hoped that the child would be as perfect as her husband.

With another glance on him, she decided to go back to sleep.

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