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   Chapter 4 Insignificant

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Kana's eyes never left Ken's face as she walked gracefully, fully enjoying the satisfying feeling she has at the moment. She feels satisfied about the look of admiration on Ken's eyes as he met her gaze. She should be embarrassed by the obvious predatory look on his darkened sapphire eyes, but she feels otherwise.

She is exhilarated beyond euphoria.

Tonight shall be the night that they would become one.

For the past three months since their engagement was announced, there had been many times that they were caught in compromising situation. However, Ken was always able to stop before things get out of hand.

For her, it doesn't matter.

As long as it was with Ken, she does not mind.

But Ken was insistent that they save it for their first night as husband and wife.

'I want to claim you as my rightful wife.'

His words echoed in her head.

She never expected that Ken, who had spent many times in foreign lands to be such an oldfangled man. But deep within her, she feels lucky that he treats her with such care and respect.

As she stole a glance at him from her periphery while they were seated in front of the monk, Kana could not help the welling of emotions within her. The words that the monk was saying sounded vague to her. She could not believe that after all those years of chasing after him, he would be finally hers.

When Ken touched her hand and urged her to stand up, she felt her knees were weakened. As he touched her chin and slightly lifted it so that their eyes would meet, she felt her world stopped.

All her five senses were focused on him.

She could not hear anything except the sound of her own heart, beating rapidly for him.

The way he moved his head closer to her seemed to be in a slow motion to her.

Finally, her eyes instinctively closed as she felt his soft and warm lips over hers.

It was a very brief and light kiss.

But Kana kept her eyes closed.

Until Ken spoke very endearingly, his lips just a breeze away from hers.

"I love you."

He whispered.

She opened her eyes, and her tears fell.

Only then, did she hear the sound of clapping hands.

Ken wiped her tears away with his gentle fingers. His eyes were passionate as they met hers.

They just became legally husband and wife.


Han'nya kept her face unreadable the whole time that the wedding ceremony was on-going. As Ken's only close relative, she was one of the secondary sponsors from the seven single ladies who were chosen to become decorative maidens.

She did not dare to turn her head for she could feel the burning gaze from the man who she swore upon herself not to acquaint herself with anymore.

It has been almost half a year.

She has tried her best to learn about the normal human society. Now, she has finally been able to adapt well and live by herself. Yet, the man whose name is Kirito Akatsuki kept on pestering her since he found out where she was working as an intern nurse.

He is also one of the secondary sponsors but he is paired with another lady. Although she has tried every means so that there would be no chance for him to approach her, she could tell from his stubborn look that this day will not end without them facing each other.

'Go to hell, savage.' She thought.

She focused on he

r brother's wedding.

She smiled and joined the crowd when the couple shared a brief kiss in front of everybody.


"How do you feel?"

Kana looked behind her back. She is massaging her shoulders in front of the dresser when Ken entered the room. He has a bottle of champagne and two glasses on his hand. He placed them on the round table just beside the bed.

The bed.

Kana's cheeks blushed scarlet as her thoughts obviously wandered on the scene that awaits them.

Ken laughed merrily. He is in a good mood, and has been laughing a lot the whole day.

"What's funny?"

She asked with a lifted brow.

Although both of them have changed clothes already for the reception, Ken still looks dashing with his casual polo shirt and dark pants. The first and last buttons of his shirt were undone, making him look like a magazine model as he leaned on the closed door behind him. She found the movement of his Adam's apple seductive.

"Your thoughts are too obvious", he said, looking devilishly manly at his prey.

Kana flashed him a smile, because it's the only thing she could do to counter the feeling of nervousness within her. She must not give in to the overwhelming feeling of excitement within her.

"Look who's talking. Your expression is so obvious as well." She answered, unwilling to be defeated by his banter.

A corner of his mouth twisted in a sexy manner, the one which always captivated Kana's eyes. But this time, she held her ground as her eyes bore into his lovely ones. He deliberately sauntered towards her, as if time was ticking too slow.

She looked up as he stopped just in front of her.

Their eyes locked.

He bent a little and held her shoulders in a firm but gentle grasp. He urged her to stand; she relented.

"Aren't you becoming a little cocky later, my dear bride?" He said, his eyes were smoky and deep with much restrained passion, and his voice was hoarse with urgency.

"Why, don't you like it?" She answered in a coquettish manner, trying to seduce him.

A faint smile formed on his lips, and he slightly pinched her chin so that their noses were almost touching.

"I…do." He drawled on the two syllables. "Especially when we are alone…like this."

Every word he said was laden with an obvious desire. Kana swallowed, for she could feel the heat that is emanating from his body.

As if her body has a mind of its own, she inched closer to him, brushing her quivering lips onto his with her eyes closed, and their bodies touched.

Ken groaned as if in agony, and when she opened her eyes, he pulled her even closer to him.

He was indeed burning.

His lips crushed onto hers. It was pure desire, and something more. It was both rough and gentle, with a sense of passionate need.

The kiss they shared so many times before became insignificant to the one they are doing at the moment.

This time, their minds and heart let go of any form of inhibitions.

They are free to let go of their emotions.

"Kana", Ken's whisper on her ears further enhanced the tingling sensation in her body. She clutched at him.

He held her close, then bent down to whisper more.

"Let me carry you to the bed."

She nodded.

Finally, the time that she has been wishing for has come.

They will soon become one.

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