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   Chapter 3 Uncertainties

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Ken was able to finally calm his senses as soon as he was a few feet away from her room. When he was in there, he had to use every ounce of self-control he has not to claim her kissable lips that were already colored with a rosy lipstick.

It made her look a little coquettish and mature, but the innocence and pure aura that emanates from her was still there. He is really looking forward to the night after their wedding ceremony.

The night that he could finally make her his.

His bride, his wife, his partner for life.

With a faint smile on his lips, he went to Hideo's chamber.


"Inamori-sama, please wait for a while in here. I shall call the Master."

The lady was one of Hideo's staffs who greeted him and ushered him towards the meeting room. Ken just nodded in acknowledgement and the staff retreated outside the room.

Ken stayed standing, then after a while, he walked towards the wall. He looked through the faces of the former Masters of the Yamada clan. Soon, Hideo will retire and the leadership will be passed on to him.

He and Kana agreed that after the wedding, he would take on the position as the Master, so as to calm some members of the clan who are still against a female as the next Master. This set up was also expected to assuage the unspoken uncertainties among the citizens of the estate.

Since the four previous Heads were punished into banishment, as Hideo announced to the clan, nobody dared to speak their minds anymore about Kana being a Master. Although the atmosphere when she goes around the estate is usually rather tense, she was always accepted with utmost respect.

When Kana visits the hospital or the market or even the farms, she would always be greeted with the warmest smiles but she could feel the apprehension behind those facades. Her senses have somewhat been trained to be sensitive to implicit malevolence especially towards her.

She was a Shadow, after all.

But Kana never minds at all what everybody thinks of her nor how anybody looks at her. The only thing that she cares about is how Ken thinks of her.

However, when Ken Inamori was officially announced by Hideo as the next Master, she was surprised by how things changed almost too sudden. She became regarded with esteem as the first Lady of the Clan.

Ken's lips twitched a little as he thought about the irony of people's mindset. The male chauvinism in the country is still stuck with the olden days.

Especially in the Yamada Estate.

The buildings and facilities indicate a mixture of the traditional Japanese and modern architecture, with the exemption of some old structures that were being kept in a preserved state as requested by the government. To Ken, who spent many years in different foreign lands and experienced a myriad of both the western and eastern cultures, he appreciates the equal treatment between a man and a woman. He does not enjoy it when he hears men talking about women in a degrading manner. He has a penchant for a woman who knows her worth and has a strong bearing, no matter how many afflictions she may have experienced.

Like Yuki Iguchi before.

And now, like Kana.

He smiled a little when his thoughts once again wandered on to her.

He honestly does not care about the Estate. He has no attachment whatsoever to the place. Yet, he once heard Kana talking with a female staff, with whom she has been friends for a while now, that she would love to live in the estate, if he would be with her.

Although she may look and act like she did not care about her being alone since their house was burned when she was little, he noticed the ver

y slight change on the tone of her voice, and on the manner that she breathed. She was lonely. Yet, she never let it hindered her life.

Since then, he decided to take on the leadership so that he could offer her a life where she would feel at ease. The whole Yamada estate would be the place where they would create their home.

However, Ken was sometimes deeply reluctant about something. For whatever reason, he could not shake-off the uncertainty about their coming marriage. He wondered if it has something to do with him or with her.

"I am sorry to keep you waiting, Ken."

The deep voice of Hideo brought him back to the moment. He turned and faced the man, who stood on the doorway, with his extravagantly designed kimono.

It was fit for a King.

Just as the way Hideo carries himself.

"It's alright, Master. A man finds peace in silence." Ken answered, following the older man who motioned for him to sit in front where he was about to sit.

Hideo slightly tilted his head and a faint smile showed on his lips.

"I could not agree more." Hideo answered. "Anyway, I called you over here to let you know that the Heads' Table has confirmed the transfer of leadership to you once the wedding ceremony is over."

Ken has a bland look on his face.

Hideo's smile widened.

"Don't worry, the transfer ceremony is scheduled two weeks after your wedding ceremony. You can have a two-week vacation together. I guarantee that no one will bother you."

Only then did Ken smiled.

'This old man is really something.' He thought.

"Thank you, Master. I appreciate your consideration."

A moment of silence enveloped the whole room, as the two men just looked at each other. Hideo has a somewhat somber expression on his face, while Ken has an understanding look on his.

"I know that I am in no position to tell you this, Ken." Hideo cleared his throat. Ken just waited patiently.

"I have no request from you other than to make her happy. That child has been through a lot after she lost her family in that fire."

Ken's expression softened.

"I know Master. I will not make a promise to you, but I will do everything I can so that she will only have happy memories from now on."

Hideo smiled faintly. They talked about the Estate for another fifteen minutes when Hideo looked at the time.

"In that case, shall we go to the altar then? We shall not make the bride come ahead of us."

As they both went out of the Master's chamber, they were followed by two pairs of eyes. One pair was beaming with admiration while the other one was loaded with hatred.


As Ken stood in front of the altar, he could not help but feel a mixture of emotions. As he saw Kana walked towards him, his breath was caught in his throat.

'How lucky I am.'

Before he realized it, he felt a lump in his throat, and his chest welled with flowing appreciation to the beauty of his bride-to-be.

It was then that Ken acknowledged her place in his life. Now, he admits that whatever will happen to him, he will not let anything bad happen to her.

How could he let such a beauty who looks so delicate and fragile as she lovingly let her eyes linger on him experience even a slight suffering?

Ken smiled, as he took her gloved hand on his. He slightly lifted her hand and kissed it, which made her cheeks blushed deeply. There was a sudden hush among the crowd, as Ken's action was beyond the expectation of anyone.

Ken does not mind.

His action speaks his emotions.

On that moment, all the uncertainties within him have vanished into nothingness.

He is marrying the right woman for him.

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