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   Chapter 2 Unrivalled

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Kana looked at her reflection on the mirror. She smiled with a satisfied look on her face. Her hair is arranged in a slightly-messy bun on top of her head, with some curls that were left dangling on the sides of her ears on her nape that gave her a look like a real princess. On top of her bun was a tiara with a piece of a large diamond. It was a gift from Hideo Yamada, her great, great-grandfather.

Her elfin fingers touched the piece of an exquisitely-designed jewelry that decorated her slim neck. It was a gift from Hideo as well, but it was actually the Kodama's family heirloom. It was just nobody from her immediate family was able to pass it down to her.

The smile on her lips flickered when the door to her room opened. The woman who was helping her to get prepared suddenly stopped from what she was doing as she could not tear her eyes away from what looked to her like an apparition.

Ken stood on the door, unmoving.

His eyes was fastened firmly on Kana, negligent about the admiring stares from the other women in the room. The ones who have helped her get dressed and did her hair and make-up are the two professional beauty salon-owners in the Yamada estate. Both of them are quite young, in their mid 30s and are both single. They heard that the would-be Master of the clan is a handsome man, but their expectations were nowhere to compare with the presence who stood in front of them. It's their first time to see Ken. And they could not do anything but look at him with wonder and appreciation.

He was dressed elegantly in a traditional wedding kimono for male with a mixture of black and blue pattern variants, with his raven hair brushed back firmly with a gel, but some strands were left loose on his forehead, giving him a faintly rugged look. His blue eyes pierced passionately on Kana's reflection, meeting her gaze in an affectionate manner.

She blushed.

The only times she saw him looking at her like that were during the few times that they kissed. The memories of those brief exchange of passion burned to her and made her cheeks reddish on top of the blush on. She, also, could not tear her eyes away from him on the mirror.

He is an embodiment of an utter perfection.

His face, his aura, his physique, his stance.

Everything in him was beyond spotlessly venerable. He exudes an unrivalled flawless beauty and manliness.

'How was she able to make him her?'

Kana smiled and was about to turn to face him when he spoke.

"Stay still." His voice was deep with restrained emotion. Emotions that only he could understand, for he knows that is he tell her the things on his mind right now, she would convulse in fright.

'How could she look so appetizing and pristine at the same time?' He thought.

Her wedding kimono fits perfectly on her lissome body. The body that he has been dreaming about f

or so many nights yet, has restrained himself painstakingly for this one special event. The dress fully covers her curves and her smooth skin, which added to the excitement that he is feeling in unwrapping the fully-wrapped package.

His personal package. And only on his hand that the ribbon tied on the package would be untied.

He could not quench the stirrings in his blood. It's boiling like a magma that was threatening to overflow.

He needs her. Without a doubt.

He sauntered towards her, ignoring the presence of the two women, whose eyes turned envious towards Kana.

Kens topped just beside her, while their eyes never left each other on the mirror. He held hers captive, just as she with his.

"You look perfect." He said, slightly lifting a hand and touching a strand of her hair that hangs on her nape. He played with it, making her feel tickled.

She let out a nervous laugh so as not to give in to his temptation.

"You are not supposed to see me before the ceremony." She said, masking the feeling of wanting to touch his face and give his gorgeous lips a gentle kiss.

He angled his head a little, indicating that he knew what he was doing. His lips twitched a little.

"Whose rule is that?" He asked lazily, his voice becoming husky as he continued to play with her hair.

She rolled her eyes.

"Come on Ken", she said, "Ladies need more time to get ready than men. So please allow me some more time, ok?"

He let out a gentle smile that made his eyes a little smaller. He let her hair go and straightened himself.

"Inamori-sama, Master Hideo is looking for you."

Ken turned and saw a male staff of Hideo, bowing at the door. His face became neutral and formal. Kana always admire how easily Ken could manipulate his expression. He was an expert at being unreadable.

"I'm coming." He answered, and the man retraced his footsteps backwards.

To the two women in the room, he turned to look at them for the first time. They blushed like teenagers.

"Please don't tie her up too much. I don't want to spend time unwrapping the gift." He winked, and the two women gasped and clutched at their chests in an exaggerated motion of having a heart attack.

Kana felt her face heated as she realized the meaning behind his words.

"Ken!" she warned, and he turned towards her and gave her a mischievous grin.

"See you later." He said and went out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Only then did Kana realize that she was holding her breath the whole time that Ken was there. She shook her head and wondered until how long she will stay feeling so mesmerized every time he would get so close to her.

He was her greatest dream and goal.

She had never felt the urge to want anything or somebody as much as she wanted him. The feeling she had and has for him is unrivalled.

He is her all.

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