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   Chapter 1 Prologue

Shadows of the Future By Elria Cortez Characters: 1631

Updated: 2019-03-11 19:16

As he looked at the sky with his dark fiery eyes, completely drenched with the tumultuous rain that seemed to match the maelstrom within him, he felt the burning sensation that clutched at his empty chest.

His heart is no more.

Against the uninterrupted downpour from the grieving firmament, his aflame orbs brought forth a series of fierce thunder that struck the forest, breaking the humungous trunks of many trees. A part of the forest became bare from the supposedly evergreen broadleaf trees in an instant.

The sight was frightening. As if no life form from the abundant and diverse animals before could exist on the place. Even the unseen sacred entities cowered in fear as more lightning came crushing down without any warning, faster than its usual speed. Killing everything on its way, not sparing


Raiden is enraged.

Ken Inamori is no more.


A few meters away from where Ken was standing, unseeing and unfeeling, Ren stood in complete awe. The occurrence in front of him is unbelievable. He would not believe it if he has not seen it with his own very eyes.

'Ken is not human', he thought.

He stared at the previous No. 2 of the Shadows of the Wind, who became No. 1, and resigned. Ren Yanagi never once thought that Ken possesses such a power within him. It sounded so farfetched the first time he was told that Ken is not an ordinary human.

'How could a human be not an ordinary human?'

He glanced around him, and wondered how long it would take Ken to burn the whole forest down. To turn everything into nothingness.

Just because Kana died.

In front of his eyes.

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