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   Chapter 45 Epilouge Making Babies

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 9344

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:41

Anupama's POV

"I'm hungry, Melody, " he sucked my shoulder. I breathed rapidly turning my head to the right side to give him more access.

"Just fifteen minutes, Anup. Please go and set the table, " I said poking his stomach with my left elbow to leave me. He didn't move a bit but sucked my left ear.

"Anup..." I moaned holding the kitchen slab. He held me tightly, as usual, spelling his magic on my skin.

"I'm hungry for you, my dear Teddy Bear but for your biriyani. I'm going to ram you tonight, so eat much, " he whispered huskily brushing his lips on my ear. I can feel him hardened which is pressing to my waist. I turned my head back to see his dazzling eyes gazing me intently.

"Then love me with chocolate sauce tonight, " I suggest seductively biting my lower lip. He chuckled and bite my left cheek and trailed his wet kissing to my sweet spots.

"Anup please let me complete this, " he heaved a sigh and left me. I smiled, he winked with a constant smirk and hummed the sensual songs going out of the kitchen backward. He made that sensual song only for me to ignite my hormones.

We finally had the yummy chicken biriyani with continuous chat and feeding each other frequently. Actually, I love to eat the biriyani by myself so he will leave me as per my wish. I love the dining time to see the happy, carefree Anup who was lost with his parent's death. He stopped saying no to the food I fill his plate and complete it fully but never encourage outside food. So, I learned different cuisine and will learn more to see his happy eating self without cribbing about dietary.

We cleaned the dishes with sensual teasing and romance. He was closing the doors, so I went to our room then to the washroom. I came back to the bed and sat leaning onto the headboard stretching my legs in a criss-cross position keeping the pillow in my lap. I'm finding ways to make him agree to have a baby gazing at our beautiful pictures all around our room.

He arranged all our beautiful moments of life in different shapes of frames. There is a big picture of mine and him separately in front of our bed and around them all our marriage pictures. I'll replace half of the room with our baby pictures. He came back with a smile and directly went to the washroom. He sat to my right side leaned on to the headboard stretching his legs in a criss-cross position. He tangled our fingers, I leaned on his heart.

"Craving for any dessert?" He asked caressing my right palm with his left-hand thumb.

"You, " he chuckled with my instant reply. His melodious voice resonated in my ears and his heart vibrated on my face.

"I'm all yours, Cutie, " he said huskily. I gazed his dazzling eyes, he smirked.

"I want a baby, Anup, " I asked straight away which I didn't do till now. He fro

give easy access to dive into our passion. All thanks to his creative wet dreams. He fondled the right spot in between my thighs with his right-hand thumb, pinching my buds with his other hand. I moved perfectly screaming his name. I was nearer and increased the pace, even his fingers increased their pace on its own spots. Finally, we released the desired hot juice panting hard. He pulled me into his chest and twirled us.

I was under him wrapping my legs to his waist. He rammed whispering sensually words kissing my skin. I was drowning in my Dream King land. We made love countless time and exhausted but still not satisfied with each other. I laid on the bed straight having his head on my abdomen, playing with his hair. He caressed my stomach with a constant smile.

"Does the baby went it?" His dazzling eyes gazing intently. His melodious voice resonated in my ears making me smile.

"Hope so, " I said ruffling his hair. He kissed my belly lovingly as if I'm already pregnant.

He smiled sheepishly and laid to my right side holding me close to him. Our naked bodies brushed to each other igniting the fire in us. His dazzling eyes gazed me with love, his long fingers caressing my cheeks.

"I love you, Angel and our future baby, " he said on my lips. I pressed my lips on his looking into his dazzling eyes.

"I love you too, my Rockstar husband, " I said adjusting him at my entrance.

He sucked my lower lip, tangling our tongue sensually. I pushed myself to him. He pinched my left bud wrapping his right leg, pulling me closer him. He moved at a slow pace in me. I moaned feeling him deep inside me, fondling his body. After long slow lovemaking, we finally kissed for the day and slept in each other arms naked, hoping to get the memorable gift to happen to us as soon as possible like every couple in the world.

~ζ~ THE END ~ζ~

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