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   Chapter 44 Our Blissful Life

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 7493

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:39

Anupama's POV

At any cost, today I'll talk to him about have a baby. He always diverts the topic with food and romance. I know he's scared to lose me but that doesn't mean that we should live our life without kids. There are many bulky women having more than one kid then why not me.

The aroma of the chicken biriyani pulled me back from my chain of thoughts. I licked my upper lip inhaling the delicious aroma. I'm preparing our favorite chicken biriyani. It was still in the middle of the cooking but my mouth watering to have it now itself.

'Oh, my biriyani, have patience madam, '

Thanks to Swathi Amma and Anup, I learned, making yummy food. Well, I'm not flaunting, my Rockstar says it my cooking resembles his mother's one. Every time he eats the food cooked by me praise me to the peaks and even complained that he was getting hefty. Well, that's true he gained a little bit of weight in these five years.

I blame his craving but he blames me. My stupid annoying Rockstar was still the sinful handsome with the muscular body. He was not that lean anymore but not even plumpish too. He maximum fluctuate between five kgs every now and then. As he promised in this birth I can never see his bubbly cheeks and fulfilling it but loves to assault mine forever. Such a mean Rockstar.

Kavya was second time pregnant and Naveen had recently a baby boy. The baby is so cute like his mother. Stupid brother happily settled in New York. I want to meet his baby boy and he can't come. Well, can't blame Naveen. Who can leave the amazing job in top New York company and the package? Well, stop getting jealous of your brother Anu. Anup promised, we will visit Naveen's family in next months.

I'm happy that Kavya finally accepted her husband and having the second baby too. Being a conservative family they didn't accept her love and married her to the family friend's son. Sid was such a nice guy and even advice for divorce but Kavya doesn't want to disrespect her parents or else Harsh would elope her long back. Finally, after two years of struggle, Sid gained Kavya's love and living happily. Even Harsh got arranged marriage and living in London. They're still friends, Sid is a very good friend of him.

Even I'm living hap

not that innocent Anupama to be under someone's control but Mrs. Anupama Anudeep Shekhar who can strongly handle the situations with my family's support. My family is not only Mom, Dad, Anup and my friends but my Radha Shekhar NGO too. It's a very big family anyone can get. Mom, Dad is happy with our successful career and life. Dad took retirement three years back and they're happily visiting pilgrimage places.

The biriyani should cook for ten more minutes then we can devour it. I licked my upper lip, looking at it curiously. My Rockstar is working in our room. I want to fill his stomach and later talk to him peacefully.

He was always the best in everything. A great person, a great human, a great professor, the best son anyone can ask for, the perfectionist, the best businessman, a romantic lover, and husband. I'm sure he will become the best father too. He too loves children and I always see the longing look in his dazzling eyes when he sees a couple playing with their kids. He was still the introvert and doesn't share his pain but mend mine with ease.

'How lucky I am to have a husband like my Dream King Rockstar Anup?'

I gasped feeling his strong arms wrapping to my stomach. He placed his chin on my left shoulder inhaling the aroma of biriyani. My body shivered with his touch and heart thundered in joy inhaling his masculine aromatic fragrance.

'Oh, my biriyani, he still has the same impact when we first kissed in the cocktail swimming pool, '


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