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   Chapter 43 Our Lovemaking

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 8158

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:38

Anudeep's POV

She smiled closing her eyes. She held my right palm, made it traveled to her left bosom and squeezed it. She moaned my name. That's it I made her lie on the bed and sucked her right bud. She arched her back folding my hair pulling my head closer to her and moaning melodiously.

I was flying in the clouds devouring her tasty skin and folding her bosom. She clutched the bedsheet with one hand and fondling my hair with another one. I don't even know how long I sucked both her bosoms but they became red like apples. I saw her beautiful face, she was enjoying the core making my heart bliss.

My lips traveled down to her stomach. She giggled pulling my hair. I played with her stomach for a few minutes. She was a laughing mess begging me to stop it. She pulled me up biting my chin. I groaned enjoying this sensual sensation.

She pushed on the bed and tried to hover on me. I helped her, she sat on my stomach gazing me intently. She leaned on me trailing wet kisses on my chest. I caressed her hair feeling heaven.

"Am I weight?" She asked and pulled my left bud.

I groaned, "Is that important or..." I trailed off pulling her to kiss.

She immediately sucked my lips hungrily and trailed her sensual wet kisses all over my upper body. Her soft plumpish body folding my body sensually making me crawl to the dreamland. She got down off me and pulled my pants. I desperately got naked, she was gazing me intently with crimson cheeks. She gasped and bite her lower lip, looking at my naked frame. I smirked and winked. She blushed and caught me on the right spot which I'm craving for.

I moaned feeling the soft cold sensation on my private part. She caressed it all over making me insane. She laid her hair to her right side holding it with right palm and me with the other palm. She placed her lips, I saw stars on the earth itself. I held her head and forgot the world for a few minutes in her passion. She licked me like her favorite candy, fondling it sensually. I lost my senses and pulled her up kissing her lips. I tasted myself on her lips but it's not at all tasty.

'Well it's not any fruit juice, ' my mind whispered.

I ignored the thought and kissed her lips making her lie on the bed. I pulled the last piece of the barrier between us. She blushed, helping me to get rid of her panties. I gasped looking at her baby pink color open papaya. She was clean and wet. I caressed it with my right-

y left ear, caressing my cheek. I laughed holding her tightly. I saw her face. She was smiling and blushing but not opening her eyes.

"Open your eyes, " she immediately opened but couldn't meet my gaze. I made her look into my eyes pulling her chin with my right-hand fingers. Finally, her beautiful round eyes gazed me with passion, desire, and love.

I smiled, caressing her cheeks. "Mutual feelings but let you get adjusted with this. We'll have fun as much as we craved for. Okay?" She smiled and placed her lips on mine.

"I love you, Anup, " she said on my lips. I smiled and gave a long peck on her lips.

"Sleep well. Tomorrow we're going for our first trip, " I said caressing her cheeks. Her beautiful round eyes widened in excitement.

"Oh, my biriyani, really Anup. Where are we going?" She chirped curiously.

"Surprise, " I said huskily and winked. She pouted blinking innocently. I laughed and pecked her pout.

"You'll live the surprise. For now, sleep well, " I said and made her snuggle to me. Without a word, she hugged me tightly igniting the fire in me. I controlled the urge to ram her senselessly and hugged her tightly. She kissed my heart. I kissed her hair.

"Good night, Angel, " I mumbled inhaling her sweet feminine mild fragrance.

"Good night, my Dream King Rockstar Anup. Thanks for finally making my dream reality, "

"Same pinch dialogue, " I said punching her left cheek softly. She giggled and snuggled to me.

'That's true. This is the dream we dreamt and finally fulfilled it and will be fulfilling every single dream of us, life long, ' my mind whispered.


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