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   Chapter 42 My Hot Temptress

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 7218

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:36

Anudeep's POV

Our hot make-out sessions, our intimacy, our love, living under a roof but far away from each other, her cute antics, her response to my touch, her fondling, her hungry kisses and what not my life is. It's been hard nowadays to control my crazy hormones but I stuck to my promise.

'Hope this torture end soon and my Angel gives me a chance to love her, ' my mind whispered.

I took leave for three days though Uncle protested. I explained to him my desperation and finally, he accepted after lots of cribbing. I still behave like a kid with him. He gave me suggestions too which are not applicable. He thought we consummated our love. I didn't tell him about us.

Anyways, I want to go Araku alone with my Angel, so planned this surprise trip. It would be the best memory of our first trip. Tomorrow early morning was going in my private jet. I'm curious to see her cute expressions.

'God, I need to control a lot, ' my mind whispered.

I opened the door stepping in, "Angel tomorrow..." I trailed off looking at her naked frame. I blinked to confirm.

'You pervert. That's skin color dress, ' my mind whispered.

She lazily yet sexily strolled towards me. I gulped hard looking at my sexy Teddy Bear. Her body is barely covered in that tight dress. Her cleavage is mouthwatering and wants to see her beautiful buds. Her bosoms are begging me to give them relief. Her milky plumpish thighs are making me insane. Her long silky hair was laid on her left shoulder freely, a few locks are weaving on her beautiful face. She's looking damn sexy and tempting.

'Did she plan to kill me or is it one of my wet dream?' My mind whispered.

She stood in front of me gazing me intently biting her lower lip sexily. I gulped and fisted hard. She caressed my face with her right hand tiny soft fingers. Her feminine mild fragrance making me insane. It became hard for me to breath anymore freely with her sensual touch and fragrance. Her fingers trailed to my chest. I held her palm nodding negatively.

"Don't ignite me. It's hard to control, " I stated looking at her beautiful round eyes gazing me intently. She pulled my collar, wrapp

e more to her. Her bosoms are soft and sweet. I sucked her skin pulling her dress down to her bosom but it stubbornly stuck to her.

She giggled, "Anup, it'll not come like that wait, " she pushed me getting up.

I pulled her breathing rapidly gazing her intently. She blushed, pulling the strap on her right shoulder. I became desperate looking at my sexy Teddy Bear and pulled the left strap. She blushed, biting her lower lip pulling her dress upwards from her thighs. Her dimple cheeks are crimson making me crazy. I smirked and pulled the dress up and took it off throwing it aside.

I gulped looking at the beauty in front of my eyes. Her milky mangoes are swaying rapidly but still, I'm not having the full view of her beautiful bosoms because of that stupid white bra. Her milky plumpish stomach and thighs are sexy inviting me to devour them. She's blushing without meeting my eyes. I tried to take off that bra but I became hard. She giggled helping me to take it off, I pulled it off desperately and gasped. She has big mangoes than I expected, adoring with the chocolate buds. I threw all our shattered clothes on the ground.

'God, how lucky I'm to have a beauty like my Angel?' My mind whispered.

I touched her left bosom. She shivered moaning with rapid breath. I raised her chin with my right-hand forefinger.

"Shall I?" I asked desperately. I don't know but I'm kind of scared to hurt her feelings.


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