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   Chapter 41 My Blissful Life With My Rockstar

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 6013

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:35

Anupama's POV

'Oh, my biriyani, I can't even breath in this dress, '

But it's showing my curves. I mentally laughed.

'Great! Curves and me? Do I have any?'

I closed my eyes for a second taking long breaths but it's been hard to take a relieved breath in this tight dress.

'Okay, Anu stop your useless insecurities right here, '

Since these two weeks how much Anup tried to overcome your insecurities but still... I heaved a disappointment sigh looking into the mirror.

He loves my plumpish body, my so-called curves and me. Poor my Rockstar controlling his hormones like hell and here I am still sulking about the unknown reason. Even Mom and Swathi Amma(mother) encouraged me to seduce Anup but I... No, no stop you stupid thoughts right there.

'I can do this, '

I wore a skin color simple dress which stuck to my body more than my second skin. My full cleavage, in fact, my breast is visible. The dress is just covering my buds. And down don't even need to think. It looks like I'm naked but still covered my asserts in this tight dress. This thin strap on my shoulder is scaring the hell out of me. If it tore in front of him then it would be embarrassing.

I huffed and took heavy breaths. It's okay, I'm just nervous and this stupid dress is not helpful. I once again checked whether I took the protection tablet or not. Mom took me to their family Dr. Revathi. She told me different things which I never knew. Anup and I never discussed this thing but I'm sure even he's not ready to have kids without marriage, so I'm doing it without telling him.

'Am I looking desirable?'

I closed my eye for a second and tried to divert my mind. It traveled to his sensual kisses.

'Oh, my biriyani, I never imagined Anup is such a stubborn head, '

He told me to spend mo

with many examples.

'What can I ask more than a mother like her?'

A few months back, I was an orphan but now I have lovely parents, a best friend Kavya, a good brother Naveen, a well-wisher Swathi Amma and mostly Anup my everything.

I love him and I want to be with him all my life. His touch, his feel, his kisses, his love is more than I can ask for. I'm hell aroused with our hot makeout sessions and sometimes forget myself. Since that day he never crossed the line but made me love him more.

My Rockstar is loving me irrespective of everything which I don't have. I did overcome my insecurities and confessed my feelings and even accepted his proposal but... I can't explain my feelings. It's all new to me.

Anyways, I want our relationship to enters the next level. It's not because of pressure or for him or something else. It's for our love, for our future, and for us.

I got startled hearing the door bang sound.

"Angel tomorrow..." He trailed off with eyes and mouth agape. He's looking damn sexy in that cream sleeveless shirt with black shots. I blushed under his heated gaze.

'I can do it, '

With that, I strolled to him lost in his dazzling eyes.


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