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   Chapter 40 Her Insecurities

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 7883

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:34

Anudeep's POV

I opened the door with a bang. My Angel was standing near the cupboard and shirk leaving the nightwear in her hands. She gaped in horror blinking and huffing.

"I told you not to knock the door but that doesn't mean that you can open with a bang. Trust me Anup, my heart is too weak, " she narrowed her beautiful round eyes picking the clothes on the ground. I sheepishly smiled, closing the door. She dusted them without looking at me but observing me from the corner of her eye.

"Why you been innocent before?" I asked strolling to her.

She didn't raise her head but I can she was licking her upper lip. She went to the bed and sat placing the clothes aside. I sat to her right side gazing at the beauty in front of my eyes. She wore a light blue color top with a multicolor long skirt. The top is a bit tight making her bosoms look amazing. I just want to make them free and...

"I thought to divert your assault on my cheeks but you..." She trailed off blushing biting her lower lip.

'Argh, my Angel was having wet thoughts huh?' My mind whispered.

I moved closer to her. Her breath is heavy and her soft bosoms are heaving rapidly making me insane. I just want to devour them till I get satisfied. I moved her hair aside on her right ear. She shivered when my fingers brush her skin.

"What I did Angel?" I whispered brushing my lips on her ear. Her breath became heavy, she closed her eyes, licking her dry lips.

I brushed my right-hand fingers on her stomach. At starting she would giggle feeling tickle but day by day our make-out sessions made her habitual feeling the sensation.

"Tell me, Angel, " I whispered trailing my fingers to her bosoms, licking her ear.

"Anup..." she moaned holding my palm. That melodious sound raising my hormones to a higher level.

Her sweet feminine fragrance made me insane. I laid her on the bed still licking her ear. She was totally enjoying and encouraging me with her melodious moans. Her skin was soft and sweet like honey. I trailed wet kisses to her right cheek and bite it softly. She whispered my name digging her nails on my palm. I smiled traveling my lips to her alluring luscious pink lips.

She immediately caught my lower lip sucking it like her favorite candy. I smiled sucking her upper lip and caught her soft bosom. She arched her back biting my lip. That

w mean my Angel is?" I sadly pouted looking away. She chuckled with tears sniffing hard. She cupped my right cheek with her tiny soft palm. I just want to kiss her senselessly but again I took an ought to love her the way she deserves but not in the heat of the moment.

'Why I will always be a jerk with her?' My mind whispered.

"Love me, " she whispered. Her eyes held immense love and I know she's ready for this step.

"Nope, I don't want our lovemaking in the heat of the moment. Let's take it slow and steady until we can't control anywhere. What's so hurry? We have all the life, " I pecked her lips. Her beautiful round eyes adoring me with passion. I want to drown in her beautiful eyes the whole night.

'Then you'll sleep in tomorrow's senior faculty meeting, ' my mind whispered.

"But Anup..." I cut her off placing my thumb on her alluring luscious swollen pink lips. I just want to kiss her senselessly but controlled the urge.

"Stop thinking much with your silly brain and take rest, " I kissed her forehead, eyes, cheeks, and nose. I want to kiss her lips sensually but just pecked it.

"I love you, Anup, " she said with unshed tears.

"I love you too, Anu, " she loved to listen to her name. She smiled brightly and those dimples are begging me to chew them. I sucked her right cheek like a lollipop biting lightly.

"Anup..." She moaned holding my palm.

"Sleep tight, " with that I scurried outside of her room to have a long cold shower.

'I don't know how many cold showers I need to take more, ' my mind whispered.


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