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   Chapter 39 My Blissful Life With My Angel

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 6251

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:33

Anudeep's POV

I was exhausted with the work and finally reached home. Damn, I'm hating all the attention but I can't stay in my doomed shell life long. Moreover, Uncle wants to retire after two years. So, I need to get a grip in all the things.

An involuntary smile played on my lips hearing my Angel's laughter. Finally, I saw her beautiful face. She was rolling on the sofa catching her stomach unable to laugh anymore but couldn't stop it even. My heart swelled in happiness looking at her happy self.

"Anu baby, bullibabu, " Swathi Aunt gestured my Angel to look at me.

"Anup, " she screamed and scurried to me. I ran to her and hugged her tightly. Swathi Aunt cleared her throat to gain our attention.

"I'll leave. My naughty grandson called for fifty-seven times already. He'll chop me into pieces after going home, " she laughed looking at me

"Sorry Aunt. I made you wait for a long time, " my Angel said with a sad pout.

"Same pinch dialogue, " I held her palm.

"Bullibabu is exactly like you in childhood. Till his parents come back home he would play with us and say a cute sorry for making us wait long. Don't worry I'll manage my mini monster with chocolates, " she said caressing Anu's cheek.

"Tomorrow bring him along with you, " my Angel cutely requested. Swathi Aunt laughed.

"I'll try if my daughter-in-law allowed, " with that she left bidding her byes.

"You're exhausted. Go and fresh up. I'll arrange dinner, " Anu caressed my left cheeks lovingly. I made her sit on the sofa. I sat on the ground in between her legs. She massaged my forehead with her cold palm. I have been in pure dreamland all these three days.

My Angel was an early riser but not a lazy bunny like me. She would wake me up and accompany to Jim giving me entertainment with her blabbering. We'll have a mini make-out session in Jim. Swathi Aunt cook

in confusion. I laughed holding her tightly. I'm scared to leave her when she was on my lap.

"Shall I show the difference?"

She gazed me for a few seconds, gulping hard. "Hmm... Yeah, but not on cheeks, " I laughed looking at her cute pout.

I kissed her dimpled cheeks and traveled my lips to her neck. She crushed my shirt with her left hand, fondling my hair with another one. I licked her neck and bite it softly.

"Anup..." She moaned, pulling my hair. I smirked licking it.

"This is a bite, " I trailed the kisses to her right shoulder and moved her dress aside.

She snuggled to me fondling my hair breathing hard. Her soft bosoms heaving rapidly. I want to drown in her cleavage but controlled the urge and bite her shoulder hard. She moaned loudly digging her nails in my skin. I loved her plumpish body snuggling to me. I licked the skin to soothe her pain.

'By the way, would it be hickey?' My mind whispered.

"I know what is meant by bite and hickey, " she whispered huskily in my right ear.

"Huh?" She got off from me and ran to the kitchen. I laughed gazing at her restarted frame.

"Anup get fresh up. I'm hungry, " she shouts from the kitchen. I nodded with a smile and scurried to my bedroom.


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