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   Chapter 38 Our First Fight

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 9817

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Anupama's POV

Argh, I'm full and lazy to climb this curly steps. We enjoyed a lot with different game, music and dance performances, musical games and many more. Even Anup participated happily involving himself among us. Everyone enjoyed to the core.

The juniors gave us the 'star couple' award and I got the 'silent killer of the batch' award. I felt happy and enjoyed with him a lot. We ate a lot and finally the party ended at 1 A.M. Anup begged me to come with him. I gave in as I don't have much energy to debate with him.

In the evening he asked the juniors to make him as a special guest. He wants me to enjoy my farewell party without any hindrance of so-called 'Dean's fiancé' tag or any bullying.

He opened my bedroom door which is right next to his room. I smiled and entered inside. He suddenly pulled me smashing his lips on mine. I gasped holding him tight. He sucked my lower lip fondling my waist. I sucked his upper lip fondling his nape and silky hair. I lost my senses in his masculine aromatic fragrance. He was hungrily sucking my lips and squeezed my waist. I gave him entrance to his tongue. Our lips perfectly curled to each other with the tongue war. There the magic started, making me crawl to my Dream King land. Something touched my leg.

"Sit, " he said in between the kiss.

'Oh, my biriyani, we came to the bed kissing hungrily like in movies, '

I smiled in between the kiss and felt his smile too. Somehow we sat on the bed sucking each other's lips hungrily. I felt the soft thing to my back. His hot kisses traveled to my chin. I'm fondling his hair pulling him more to me. He sucked my neck, squeezing my right bosom. I arched my back due to this sweet sensation.

'What magic he's doing to me?'

I felt something on my bare things. His fingers pulled my dress upwards sucking my neck and squeezing my bosom with the other hand.

"No, " I said it out. He halted with heavy breath. I opened my eyes and saw his dazzling eyes gazing me intently.

"Anup that..." ha placed his right-hand thumb on my lips.

"I understand, relax, Melody, " he said and pressed his lips on my forehead. I closed my eyes. He got and pulled my hand, making me sit properly. I sat awkwardly without meeting his gaze.

"The nightwear was in the cupboard and feel free, " he said rubbing his palm. I nodded without looking at him.

"Don't think much with your silly brain, " he said with a smile. I licked my upper lip nodding positively. He kissed my forehand and left the room. I closed my eyes tightly heaving a sigh.

'Why did I stop him?'

I glanced at the cupboard. It's a very long day. I don't have the energy to change nor take off these ornaments. I scurried to the washroom with a heavy heart and came back to the bed. I laid on the bed straight. I couldn't take off him from my head. I twisted and turned all over the bed for a few minutes. Finally, dozed off.

Anudeep's POV

'Why do

g me lovingly, sniffing and licking her upper lip.

"Sorry for hurting your feelings, Anup, " I placed my lips in hers.

"I'm sorry too, baby, " I mumbled on her lips.

She sucked my lower lip fondling my hair. I hugged her tightly sucking her upper lip. After a few seconds of cherishing her soft petals, I left them attaching our forehand gazing her beautiful face. Her breath was fanning on my skin. She opened her eyes with a smile.

"Let's go. I had lots of work. I need to vacate the room, do the checkout formalities, come back home and decorate my room. Uff, how I'm going to do all these alone?" She said in a go. This is the best thing I love about her. She easily diverts it with her blabbering. I chuckled caressing her cheeks.

"I'm there right?"

"Oh, my biriyani, you're Dean, you can't leave your work and waste time with me. No, no, I'll not accept it. Work comes first, " I laughed pecking her lips.

"My Cutie. Okay, relax. You slowly vacate the room and I'll take care of the checkout formalities. No more arguments on it. I'll pick and drop you back at home. Swathi Aunt will come and help you. Now let me go and get ready, " I said leaving her.

"Wow, Swathi Aunt will come. Thank you so much, Anup. Please tell her to come daily till I join in office, " I smiled and blinked.

"Okay, go, go fast, " she pushed me. I chuckled and ran back to my room to get ready.

She loves Swathi Aunt of all our maids. Even I like her such a selfless woman she is. I got ready in a white-blue check formal shirt with black pants and wore my Nanna's old Rolex black leather big dial watch. He has a huge watch collection. I'll use them with care. I came down and she was ready with the keys and helmet. I locked the door and took the helmet from her. He circled her arms to my waist.

"All the best, Anup. Work hard, " she said, kissing heart. I smiled and pecked her forehead. With that, we drove to the campus hostel.


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