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   Chapter 37 Our Farewell Party

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 8697

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:28

Anupama's POV

The junior leaders escorted him. He stood in front of me. I abruptly stood gawking him.

"Sir, " Shravan, the junior leader called him. Anup unwilling turned his heated gaze to him. Without a word, Anup dashed onto the stage. The junior leaders followed him, he took the mike.

"Good evening, Radha Shekhar clan..." His, voice resonated in the hall. I just love the way he's referencing us. "... maybe I'm guest but I want you'll to enjoy your farewell party thoroughly. This night I want to be one among you. I hope you guys will include me with you all..." Everyone hooted loudly. Anup smiled wandering his dazzling eyes all over the hall.

"I want to enjoy the farewell party as I didn't attend mine. Hoping to enjoy yours but I'll not spare rude behavior, " without he gave the mike to one of the leaders and dashed towards me.

"God, he's looking sexy, " I turned my head to Kavya. She turned with a sheepish smile. I glared pressing my lips in a thin line.

"I mean... Huh... Hey, he's like a brother to me, okay, " she said without meeting my eyes. I giggled...

"Sir..." Shravan is calling continuously trying to get Anup's attention. He came to me.

"What yaar?" He asked annoyingly.

"Sir, please come and sit in the front row, "

"Don't worry, I'll sit with her, "

"Even ma'am will accompany you, sir, "

"See, stop worrying. She likes to sit at the back so I don't want to spoil her happiness..." I cut him off.

"Anup..." He raised his right palm.

"And don't be formal. I'm not any old freak to spoil your enjoyment. Continue with your plans and give your best to your seniors. This is their last party yet a beautiful memory in RSIT, so they should enjoy right?" He said politely with a smile.

"Thank you, sir and we'll surely try our best to give the best memories for our seniors. But..." He trailed off looking at me with pleading eyes.

"Shravan, stop annoying me and let me enjoy in my own way, please, " this time he said in his strict tone.

"Sure sir. Please do enjoy and Revanth will assist you, " he glanced at Revanth, one of the junior leader.

"For God sake, can't you leave me alone, " Anup winced, closing his eyes for a second.

"Sure sir, " without a word they left us. Anup smirked and turned to me.

"Naveen, can I sit with my fiancé?" He sounds politely yet a time rude.

"Su... Sure sir, " poor Naveen stammered getting up, adjusting his glasses.

"Anup..." I hissed, he shrugs his shoulders.

"I'll be back, sissy, " with that Naveen walked away scared.

"Sissy..." Anup got surprised and caught Naveen's sh

ntinue later. Get prepared, " Kavya said leaning back comfortably.

"Sure thing, Anup's die heart crush, " he said with a smirk and I heard Kavya's gasp.

"What?" I asked looking at both of them.

"Nothing... Nothing..." Kavya stammered.

"Her another username, " Anup said intertwining our fingers, looking at my bangles. I raised an eyebrow gazing her.

"That's long back and I even have a boyfriend, you know that right, " she asked seriously. I circled my left arm around her shoulder.

"I love you, Kavya talli(mother), " I said as her Aunt calls her. She annoying took off my hand.

"Let me enjoy my farewell party, " with that she looked straight ahead. I smiled and leaned on Anup's shoulder.

"She'll be fine, " Anup whispered caressing my palm with his thumb.

"I know, " I said holding his palm tightly.

Kavya is a broken heart with Sravya Aunt's depth. Being a single daughter everyone pampered her a lot and a stubborn head too. She's scared to lose people...

"You're looking ravishing, " he whispered huskily in my right ear. I shivered, his masculine aromatic fragrance pulled me to my Dream King land.

"You're taking my breath away. Don't you know it?" I blushed, licking my upper lip. I feel his intense gaze.

"Not more than you, " he whispered in my ear and pecked it. I gasped pushing him.

"Anup please let's enjoy the show, " I pouted, blinking in a slow phase.

He smiled, "Your order is my command, Teddy Bear, " he said and turned his attention onto the stage.

My heart is thundering rapidly. That sentence still give goosebumps though I heard it many times. I told him I can never order so he takes my requests as orders.

'How lucky I am to have my Rockstar?'


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