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   Chapter 36 My Principal Dad

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 9169

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:26

Anupama's POV

"Come here. Sit with me relaxed, " he held my palm, I blackly followed him. He made me sit on the sofa, sitting to my right side. Anup sat on the armrest to my left, holding my shoulder. Principal sir glared Anup. Immediately, he got up and sat on the chair in front of us.

"You did a great job and I want to know the secret behind this tremendous change, " he asked gazing at Anup. He chuckled, leaning on his knees. I smiled awkwardly as I don't know how to tell him.

"Noth... Nothing like that sir, " I stammered holding my palm tightly. They became red.

"First of all relax. You don't need to worry in front of me. I'm his father figure and even for you, so you call me Dad, " he pressed my palm softly. I didn't raise my head and gulped the lump in my throat. For the first time, someone said something like this. I licked my dry lips.

"Anu..." Anup called holding my palm. I hiccupped, blinking my tears.

'Stupid Anu, why are you crying idiot?'

Principal sir wrapped his left arm around my shoulder. "I can understand your pain dear. All these years, I saw the same pain in Anup. I couldn't reduce his pain yours. I'm proud of you, dear. You're a wonderful young lady, leading your life strongly. You know what Anup said to me?" I raised my head and saw him curiously. He laughed richly, his voice is sharp and held immense power even in his laugh.

"You're right, Anup. She's your replica" he said looking at Anup. He smiled, gazing me with love. I didn't understand anything.

"He said, 'I complained a lot having everything in my life but Anu had nothing which I had. I want to give her everything she deserves more than I deserved Uncle because she gave me that strength which I lost with my parents. I want to live with her life long and cherish the happiness of family life with my Angel. Please, Uncle, accept her as your daughter', " I saw Anup with tears. He smiled and mouthed, "I love you, "

"So, as per his wish, you're my responsibility. I'm giving you to Anup. If he troubles you do tell to me, immediately. I'll search a better man for you, " principal sir said with a smirk caressing my hair.

"Uncle..." Anup winced. Principal sir laughed giving me a wink.

"Sorry, don't take me rude sir but no one is better than Anup, " I said politely.

"Not sir, I'm Dad for you, " he declared in a strict tone. I nodded positively with happy tears.

"Never nod but answer in words. Okay?"

"Yes sir, " he glared. I widened my eyes and want to stick my tongue but suppressed the urge.

"Sorry, Dad, "

He patted my hair, "That's like my girl, " said with a smile.

"And you..." he turned straight facing Anup. "... take care of my daughter. I'll punish you hard if you hurt her, "

you, bro. Sorry I didn't say it before, "

"Hey don't be silly. I truly felt happy to be the YouTube singing sensation Rockstar girlfriend's brother, " he smiled adjusting his glasses with his right-hand forefinger. I smiled and we continued to chat. I felt happy to have my own group.

Naveen is a big nerd in our class but the smart one. Until the results of the first year, no one spared a glance at him. He topped in the class and became honey attacking the bees. He's a smart head, so never encouraged anyone to dump him after their work. All his life he faced it and stopped encouraging people to hurt him.

We became friends in the second year. Once I shared my pain and he promised to protect me like a brother. I felt happy but my Rockstar is jealous of us. Even I didn't say to him about my true relationship with Naveen. My Rockstar is not any possessive freak or something. Just an attention seeker and wants to be my everything. I loved his jealous and continued to tease him praising Naveen. Poor my Rockstar doesn't stop me but his expressions are worth to watch.

We heard gasps and squeals. "Welcome to our chief guest Mr. Anudeep Shekhar, the youngest Dean to our college, " Harika, the junior leader announced.

"Don't tell me you don't even know this, " Kavya mumbled. I heaved a long sigh nodding negatively.

My eyes were stuck to my hottest handsome hunk strolling towards me sexily. He wore a white tee shirt, blue blazer, black pants with matching dark blue sneakers to his blazer. There is a cream color hanky stuffed in his pocket near his heart in a stylish pattern. His silky hair is sexily waving to his moments. A constant smirk lingered on his sexy lips. His dazzling gaze burning my skin. He was the epitome of a handsome hunk.

'Oh, my biriyani, Anup stop killing me, '


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