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   Chapter 35 My Dean Fiancé

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Updated: 2019-03-03 16:25

Anupama's POV

"Anu baby, are you listening?" Anni asked shaking my shoulder. Their feigning concern and love are irritating me. I forced a smile, peeking at Kavya who is still talking in the call away from us. I feign smiled, nodding positively.

"We are really sorry baby..." they were explaining things which I'm not at all interested. They're treating me like a princess but I know that's fake.

My heart was aching to talk to my Rockstar but these bimbos are not leaving me. I don't want to walk away as they may spread rumors that I'm rude, pride and stuff just because I became fiancé to the newfound Dean and YouTube singing sensation Rockstar. They're caressing me with fake affection and talking to me too sweetly. I simply stood and nodding with a forced smile.

My fingers are not leaving the most beautiful ring looks like the musical note. They stopped the ranting with chorus gasp, gawking at my back. I turned back but hit with a wall. I know that this amazing wall was the best thing to embrace me and even did. His masculine aromatic fragrance begged me to snuggle to him but he moved away from me.

"Miss Anupama, if I see you with them once again then you need to face the hard consequences, " Anup said in his strick tone making me shiver. His power and authority increased to ten folds making us shiver. I nodded positively gulping hard. And I know what are the 'consequences' he meant.

'My poor dirty mind, '

"Words, " he said in a low tone but it scared the hell out of me.

"Yes sir, " I whispered. Those bimbos are shivering more than me. He hummed and gazed around.

"Miss Kavya, I remember instructing you something, " he said gritting. His gaze can make anyone shiver like hell.

'Oh, my biriyani, he'll become the best Dean to Radha Shekhar Groups Of Institutions, '

"I remember sir but I got a call from my parents..." Kavya turned towards me. "... I was searching for you. Why did you leave me, Anu?" She feigned cry face wrapping her right arm to my left.

"Enough of the drama, " he declared glancing us one by one. My heart was thundering rapidly in fear.

'Oh, my biriyan

s and that too in the group.

"Don't worry. You're not meeting him as principal to this college but my Uncle, "

"Even though, I never met him alone, "

"I know I reduced my weight but I didn't become invisible, I think so, " he chuckled pinching my right cheek softly. I pouted and my heart is scared to meet his Uncle aka our principal sir.

He cupped my cheeks, "He's eager to meet you personally, Angel. Stop worrying with your silly brain and give me my breathtaking smile, " I smiled without troubling him. Today he faced everything alone and I should support him but not trouble him.

"Come, " he pulled me to the center of the room and made me sit on the chair in front of the principal sir's chair.

I never imagined I would sit her like this one day. Anup told me with enthusiasm about how he planned all the things and stuff. I listened to him eagerly looking at his memorizing smile. After ten minutes or so the door opened. I abruptly stood up lowering my head. Anup wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"Anupama, finally I met you, dear. I don't have any clue that his girlfriend is none other than you, " principal sir said cheerfully.

For the first time, I'm hearing his cheerful tone. I raised my head and gave a small smile. I was literally shivering and sweating in this air-conditioned room. If not Anup's support I would slump on the ground in front of the principal sir.


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