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   Chapter 34 My Proposal

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 6469

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:23

Anudeep's POV

Every single eye was on me curiously waiting to see my Angel. Thank God finally, did my first public performance as per my Angel's wish. It was still like a dream which I successfully fulfilled it though I did a few mistakes. It's not satisfactory performance as a musician but still, I'm happy looking at her happy tears. Finally, I fulfilled her wish.

Her beautiful round eyes adoring me yet a time scared. She was licking her upper lip nodding negatively with tears. I know they are a happy one because of me. I stood in front of her, she was still nodding negatively. The auditorium is gushed with gasps and murmur which I don't care. As per my promise I'm going to make our relationship official. I know, I gave too many shocks at once and I can't change it.

"Anup, no, " she mouthed. I bent, keeping my left hand on the armrest of her seat for the support. She was sweating hard even in the air-conditioned room. I took my white handkerchief and wiped her forehead. Damn, this summer is going to show the hell for sure.

"Do you want me to carry you, Teddy Bear?" I whispered in her right ear. I saw her stiffen state, her eyes wide open with her mouth.

'God, you're making me crazy, Angel, '

I kept my right palm in front of her. Kavya placed my Angel's right palm on mine with a wide grin. Her tiny soft palm felt too cold. I smiled at Kavya and squeezed my Angel's palm softly blinking in assurance.

She stood up, looking down and I held her right wrist with my left hand. She was shivering like hell due to fear, fisting hard. I intertwined our fingers and took steps. Her steps are slow and unsteady. She was beyond shock and not ready to walk.

"How did I perform?" I mumbled in her ear.

She turned her gaze to me with sparkling eyes and blabbered forgetting the world. I smirked and heard her blabber leading us onto the stage. We reached the steps, she became attentive and cautious lower

s shimmering in joy, her alluring luscious pink lips smiling widely, and her soft dimple cheeks blushing to crimson. I kissed her palm and slid the diamond ring to her ring finger. It's beautifully shinning on her plumpish finger. Her eyes were not leaving mine.

I heard a clap and the whole auditorium gushed with a huge round of applause. I stood and pecked her forehead. I gave the same designed ring of my size. She immediately slid in my right-hand ring finger with the beautiful dimple smile.

"You can pay for my ring later, " I whispered, she giggled looking at our intertwined fingers. I turned on the mike and wrapped my arm to her shoulders, turning us to the camera.

"That's it for today Melodies. I'll come back to your melodious hearts with a new song. Till then enjoy your life with a never-ending smile. Your Anup signing off, " I waved a cut sign. The cameraman gave a thumbs up. I smiled at my Angel and saw Uncle. Thank God, for his understandable smile but not a glare for my stunt.

"I'll be back in five minutes, " I declared and hosted my Angel down to the stage. Uncle gave me an understanding smile, with that I ran to the auditorium spare room to get back to my attire. I made this concert as a live video so no problem with the upload issues.


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