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   Chapter 33 Anup With Song – The Rockstar

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 9004

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Anupama's POV

'Oh, my biriyani, is he gonna do what I'm thinking?'

I turned my head left to find Kavya's glares. She leaned to my left ear.

"You're the girlfriend of our college Dean!" She mumbled with an accusing look.

"Trust me, Kavya. I really don't know, " I said amusedly. She gave an are-you-serious look.

"You said you saw his family pictures?"

"Yes yaar but I couldn't recognize his father. I saw his picture in the Radha Shekhar Groups Of Institutions website in the first year and I forgot his face as we use only our RSIT website. Whenever I saw his picture I felt déjà vu but thought that my Dream King is looking like his father but not this..."

"Should I really believe you?" She narrowed her eyes. I pinched my throat nodding positively.

"Oh my God, people will die if they gotta know about your relationship, Anu, " she mumbled, giggling. The lights are off and the auditorium gushed with murmurs.

"Okay, don't droll over him and wake me up. I'll have a nap, " she yawned and closed her eyes.

I was not only shocked but surprised the way he saw me before his departure. I never asked his parent's name nor he said it. We never had any discussion about his work as he been always secretive, so I gave space for him. I'm not angry nor disappointed for hiding it from me.

He did an excellent and extraordinary job at a very young age. He was going to be twenty-five in two months and his achievements are bigger than his age. Anup, you made me so proud, my Rockstar. His authority aura increased to next level maintaining his occupation. I saw a new person in him...

I heard some unrecognized sounds like moving something. My heart is thundering rapidly with the thought. After a few seconds, a light flashed at the left corner of the auditorium and filled in a circular way to the right side. I heard people's gasp and the murmur increased. I remembered our first meeting. I felt numb to hear anything except wishing for my dream to come true. I gulped hard and poked Kavya's right arm.

"What the..." She trailed off looking at the lights.

A colored light flashed on the left side of the stage. A man was sitting with a drum set. It's not dark anymore and I can see the piano and another instrument. In the center, Anup sat facing his backside to us.

'Oh, my biriyani, Anup you made my dream come true, '

A light flashed on the piano which is to the right side of the stage. There is saxophone to the left of the piano. Lastly, a red spotlight flashed on the Anup. He was sitting on a long chair. It was projecting on the big screen. Now I observe there is a cameraman in front of Anup. He wore a black leather jacket.

I clasped my palm


Wiping my endless tears, She jingled breath to my melodious tunes, She shimmered happiness to my untuned heart, She bloomed love, portraying myself to me.

What a lucky I am to have My Angel?

My Angel... Hmmmm... haa-aaa-haa-aaa...'

He hummed melodiously with a wonderful tune of the musical instruments softly playing according to the rhythm. He took us to his musical dreamland. All the four videos slowly zoomed into the live video making it big. He softly ended the rhythm in a slow pitch.

A pin drop silence abrupted the auditorium with our thundering hearts for a few seconds. He still didn't open his dazzling eyes. A clap started with a huge round of applause spread the auditorium with hooting, clapping, screaming, "Once more Anup, "

I smiled clapping hardly with teary eyes. This is what I dreamt to see. Finally, you fulfilled my wish Anup.

"Love you, Rockstar, "

He stood and whistled, gesturing to silence everyone, "Thank you, thank you so much for your love and support. I'm glad to do my first performance in front of you all..." He bowed in front of us. "... and a special thanks to my musicians and technical team to make this event possible. You all did a splendid job guy to make these videos live, " he said looking at the musicians and the other team members with his memorizing smile.

His gaze turned to me, "Angel, I want you on the stage, please, " his melodious voice resonated in my ears. I gaped him with a thundering heart, nodding negatively.

Kavya was saying something which didn't reach my ears. He passed the guitar to someone and scurried towards me with a memorizing smile making my breath hitch. I was shivering and wants to disappear right this moment.

'Oh, my biriyani, Anup please no, don't do this to me, '


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