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   Chapter 32 Youngest Dean

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Updated: 2019-03-03 16:20

Anudeep's POV

"Relax my dear boy. Stop worrying and be yourself, " Uncle told me patting my shoulder.

Only if he knew why I'm nervous. Yes, finally I'm going to be the officially Dean. It should have happened last year but because of my love, I extended it saying lame excuses. He didn't bite my lie neither pressured me. I'm super excited about the Dean thing and highly nervous about the thing I'm going to do.

'What punishment I'll get for the stunt I'm going to play?' My mind whispered.

"Uncle I'll go first. They must be waiting for me, " I said, standing up and adjusted my suit.

The staff knew that the Dean will be arriving this year. So they worked hard to impress me. The funniest thing is, I planned all the arrangements to impress myself. The morning, I gave my work to Raghav sir to practice my preparation. Only he knew that I was Dean. All these months, he has been helpful to me.

Uncle came in front of me, "Shekhar would be proud of you Anup. Even I am, " he adjusted my tie. A proud smile lingered on his lips. I bite my inner cheeks to control my tears. I miss Maa, Nanna a lot on this big day of my life. Uncle patted my head.

"Follow your heart! These are your father words Anup. They're with you in your every step. So, be strong my boy, " he assured me. I smiled hearing Nanna voice spelling those magical words. I hugged Uncle. He patted my back. After a few seconds, I felt relieved.

"Thank you so much for everything, Uncle, "

"Stop being formal and do your best, " I smiled and took long strides towards the door. I adjusted my suit and closed my eyes for a second, took a long breathe and smiled. I scurried to the auditorium hurriedly.

Uncle has been in my each and every step. After Maa, Nanna, I respect only him. He gifted me this new black and black Armani suit. I brought new Bata lace-up formal shoes and plane black tie matching to this suit. I wore my Nanna's old Rolex brown leather big dial watch. Its perfectly shining on my left wrist feeling his aura. I wore Maa's gold chair to feel her near my heart.

'Maa, Nanna, help me to gain my love, ' my mind whispered.

I met Raghav sir and gave the pen drive. He's going to handle all the stuff. I came inside the auditorium and scanned my Angel. There she was sitting at the last row in CSE column with Kavya. I made sure Kavya be with her and those witches away from my Angel.

The morning, I met my Angel scared. She was beautiful as usual like my very own cute Teddy Bear in her white formal dress. She didn't p

ocused on schools, engineering, business, and other degrees too. We worked to spread the education as much as possible, so stepped into the science world too.

"From this year, Radha Shekhar Institution of Medical Science is going to start. We'll try our best to follow the principles and values created by the late Mr. Shekhar by giving good educational values with his blessings, " I paused and everyone clapped with a happy smile. I mentally promised to give this smile to all the students in our institutions. The pictures of Nanna and all our institutions would be rolling on my background.

"Today not only awards ceremony but you all are going to get some entertainment on this Final Fest - 2019, " I said looking at everyone with the same constant strick smile. They started murmuring with a curious look.

"Silence everyone, " I said in my strick tone in medium pitch. Everyone became cautious and attentive.

"I'm sorry for the stunt I'm going to play and even ready for the punishment, sir, " I saw Uncle with a sorry look. He gritted his teeth with a now-what look. I gave a pleading look.

"After one minute of my departure, the auditorium lights are going to off. None should on the lights from your phones. Before you break the rule remember the consequences will be hard. It's a strict order from your Dean but not from the Deep sir, " I glanced at my Angel.

Her beautiful face held the predictable expressions like shock and surprise at a time. With that, I dashed to the auditorium spare room to change my attire. I instructed my team to follow the plan. I hope to do the best.

'Only for my Angel. Anup, do your best, man, ' my mind whispered.


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