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   Chapter 31 His Pain

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 7124

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:19

Anupama's POV

"Relax, he doesn't have any interest who stood for him but only on your Dream King. What's happening between them?" Kavya mumbled curiously glancing them

"I don't know, " I shrugged it off, gazing them keenly. I have a doubt that his Princi Uncle is none other than our Princi but I didn't try to find out.

Anup sat one the first row, first column. He saw me again and gave a smile. Since yesterday, he was tensed. I asked but he swatted it without telling me a reason. Even I didn't pester much giving him space like always. The morning he called me to come to our spot near the campus hostel.

Flashback ON

I bustled out of the campus but heard Kavya screaming my name. I turned back and saw her running to me.

"Where are you going?"

"An... My Dream King wants to meet me, so..." I trailed off with her smirk.

"Such a despo, your Dream King was, " we walked outside. I pinched her left arm. She hissed shooting glares. I giggled and tried to hug her but as usual, she went away. Finally, we reached our spot.

Anup leaned onto his Maruti Suzuki Baleno pearl arctic white color car. He was busy on his phone with a frown.

"I think your Dream King was in a bad mood. Give him some energy, " Kavya said with a wink. I gritted and tried to pinch her. She ran away from me with a smirk.

"Meet you in the audi. Come soon, " with that she bustled.

I saw Anup looking at me. I smiled strolling towards him. He wore a plain white tee shirt with black night pants.

'Why he didn't get ready yet?'

He opened the driver seat door and sat on it. He didn't even smile but drown in his world.

"Anup, why didn't got ready yet?" I asked standing in front of him. He pulled me to his lap. I adjusted myself holding his shoulder. He was calm and helped me silently.

'Oh, my biriyani, what happened to my Rockstar?'

I cupped his cheeks, "What happened, Anup?"

He didn't say anything but hugged me tightly. His head was on my cleavage but I didn't feel any sensuality. My Rockstar sadness pierced my heart. I stroked his hair with my right palm and his shoulder with left.

"I'm scared, An

ess properly. He was looking at me, standing up.

Suddenly, he pinched my cheeks hard. I screamed in pain swatting his hands. He laughed mischievously assaulting my plumpish skin. His melodious voice resonated in my ears but my cheeks hurt. Finally, he left me after he got satisfied, I rubbed my cheeks feeling hot and I'm sure they would be red by now. I pouted and smacked his left shoulder. He chuckled, kissing my cheeks. This became routine assaulting and buttering them with his tempting kisses.

"I love you, my Teddy Bear. Get ready to droll over your Rockstar, " he sat inside the car and started it. Within a fraction of second, he did it. I got surprised, he smirked, winked and drove away. I giggled and shook my head in disappointment.

'Such a kiddo my Rockstar was, '

He's going to wear a suit may be. With that thought, I strolled inside the college.

Flashback OFF.

Every minute he was turning back and smiling at me. I blushed, licking my upper lip. I can still feel his tensed state. Anyways, I prayed to God to give him the strength to handle his situations.

Our Princi came to the stage with authority making the auditorium pin drop silence. Now he'll start his boring lecture about the college foundation and stuff. The next thing he said made my heart thundered like never before.

'Anudeep Shekhar, the dean of Radha Shekhar Institutions.'

I gaped Anup in horror.


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