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   Chapter 30 My Engineering Life

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 8340

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:16

Anupama's POV

I love my college for its wonderful tradition. The Final Fest which will be held after the completion of all years exams. The whole college celebrates their year completion. There will be an awards ceremony for each and every student in the college till afternoon.

The first year will have a common RS Clan award and for the remaining years has numerous awards according to talents, sports, academics and soon. I got 'silent killer' in the second year, 'best smile' in the third year and waiting for my this year's award. In the evening, the first and second years has refresh party. And the third and fourth years will be enjoying in the farewell party.

I'm happy for the completion of graduation and sad to leave this paradise forever. Isn't this a college life? We work hard to get into our dream college. The first years flies within a snap in front of our eyes. The second year will show you the real colors of your surroundings. The third year is most boring with annoying with lovey-dovey and break up couples without caring about their friends. And the final years is busy with projects and career growth.

Finally, the day after the final exams, if you see back there held beautiful memories. Thundering hearts, crushes, bunking classes, last bench chatting, annoying and endless assignments, boring lectures and practical, heart flutters and heartbreaks, endless talking and serious arguments, dreaming career or losing dream career, enjoyment, fights, happiness, pain, and whatnot an engineering life was. Well, I faced fewer things but still, a beautiful phase was my engineering life in RSIT.

Our auditorium can easily fill one lakh people or above. All the students in every year are waiting for the award ceremony to start. This year our Princi is taking more time than needed. The students are exhausted to wait and there is a weird kind of hustle, bustle happening on the stage. The first, second year are enjoying their time. The fourth-year leisurely sat and remembering their beautiful days, sitting with their own groups. The staff and third-year students are busy in arrangements.

This sem, I may secure eighty percent grades. All thanks to my Dream King Deep sir. I had a peaceful preparation and done well in my exams without those bimbos. After my exams we couldn't spend much time due to his work, he was busy with exams work and I spent my days roaming in the college. I had the best time remembering my sweet, lovely, bitter and sad memories i

n't trust Anup fully though she accepted him. I'll slowly mend the rift between them slowly.

After a few minutes, there came my Dream King Rockstar in his black and black suit. He took my breath away with his dashing and sexy aura. His dazzling eyes scanned the whole auditorium and finally caught me. My heart thundered with his memorizing smile. I heard a few murmurs about his handsomeness. Navnita ma'am asked him something trying to grab his attention but his gaze was on me. He said something and dismissed her.

"She really tried hard yaar but he was all over you, " Kavya mumbled in my ear. I blushed, smacking her arm. She glared and continued her chatting.

Anup hates Navnita ma'am. She flirts with him irrespective of her age. I don't blame her because Anup is a sinfully handsome man. His dazzling eyes, his perfect jawline, his memorizing smile, his silky swinging hair, his tall lean frame can make any women crawl to his lap.

He faces hell with all this so-called attention because no women even spared a glanced at him when he was bulky but now drolling over him. To tease him I said even I droll over his sexy personality but his answer leads us to a hot make-out session.

"Yes, you droll over my friendly nature, my pampering, my care, my support, my strength, my past, my craving, my stupidity, my introvert nature, my love and as you said my sexy personality too, " this is his answer with a wink. I had tears and kissed him falling on him. That was...

"Hello madam come back to the world. The Princi already came and we all stood up too, " Kavya said.

'Oh, my biriyani, how stupid of me, ' I licked my upper lip.


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