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   Chapter 29 I’m Blessed To Love You

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 8728

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:15

Melody's POV

He fell back on the bed gaping her in shock. He came back to his senses gasping hard. She gasped looking at his dazzling eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Anup. I didn't mean to..." he cut her off pressing her lips with his right-hand thumb. He was lost in the passion and forgot the reality.

Again Anup squatted on her thighs. She gazed him with a scared expression but his sensual touch made her eyes closed. He thought to assure her and did the thing which he craved for a long time. She felt his wet lips on her forehead. Both felt bliss and a lone tear escaped her eyes. He got panicked looking at her tears but relaxed with her smile. He wiped her tears adoring his Angel. She opened her eyes to lose in his mesmerizing smile and his dazzling eyes, gazing her intently.

"Stop thinking much with your silly brain, Teddy Bear. I know you much better than your explanation, " he said wiping the wetness on her swollen pink lips which is making him insane. She was his replica, he understands her more than herself. She was lost in his dazzling eyes, in his melodious words and in him.

Anup pinned his hands on the headboard, leaning closer to her face. Their breaths fanned on each other's skin making them insane. She just wants to capture his tempting lips. But his eyes held immense love than the desire.

"You took a long time to overcome your insecurities, " he smirked. She gasped, gaping him.

'Oh, my biriyani, how come he knew it? Is he a mind reader?' She thought.

He chuckled and did his favorite job, pinched her dimpled cheeks. She screamed in pain, swatted his hands. He laughed looking at his cute Angel. His laughter beamed her heart but her cheeks hurt. Finally, he left them and kissed her crimson dimple cheeks lovingly. She closed her eyes feeling his wet kisses and hot breath on her skin. He moved front and sat on her thighs in squatting position itself. She felt his hardening on her thighs. He knew that she felt it but ignored holding her palm.

"You're my replica. On this same day, three months back, I kissed you purposely to find the truth in your words. And bingo I got to understand your insecurities and supported you to gain your love. How can I expect you to love me back within a day? I stalked you for a whole year. Even you have rights to know the Anudeep not the rockstar but just Anudeep. And finally, I gained your love, " as usual he explained her like a toddler. She had no words to express her happiness. He smiled happily looking at her beautiful smile.

"I'm blessed to be loved by you, Anup, " she spelled involuntarily.

He smirked, "Same

kissing his Angel's temple lovingly. Anu has been a silent spectator trying to comprehend the scenario. Kavya feigned smile holding her phone tightly.

"Sure sir, "

Anup turned Anu to him ignoring Kavya. "And you, my dear Teddy Bear. Don't you dare to meet me till your last exam or else consequence will be hard, " said in his strict tone. Anu nodded cutely licking her upper lip. He chuckled, kissed her forehead holding her face. She closed her eyes in bliss.

"Take care and study hard huh, "

"You too take care and eat well, " he smiled, blinking in assurance. She held his palm tightly with a sad face. He left her palm with a gentle squeeze and smiled, she smiled unwillingly. With a heavy heart, Anup waved and went off without looking at her back again.

Kavya calmly saw all the drama and pulled Anu's right arm once Anup left.

"Did you slept with him?" She rudely asked Anu shooting glares. Anu heaved a long sigh, pulling off her hand. Kavya groaned holding her phone tightly in irritation.

"See Anu. I'm not your enemy neither I'm jealous..." Anu cut her off holding Kavya's right palm.

"Trust me, Kavya. He can never play with my feelings nor hurt me, " Kavya huffed, looking at her confident smile.

"Okay, but if something went wrong you must tell me, right?" She pointed the finger with a glare. Anu immediately hugged her, squeezing her petite frame. Kavya scolded to leave her trying to push Anu which is not her cup of tea. Finally, Anu left her but not her palm.

"I'm lucky to have a friend like you, Kavya, " Anu said overwhelmed.

"Okay, now stop your squeezing session and let's do one-night stand with that algorithms, " both giggled. With that, they went to the campus hostel.


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