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   Chapter 28 Passionate Kisses

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 7945

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:14

Melody's POV

"Anup..." Anu screamed, entering inside.

Anup was fully engrossed in the college work. He got panicked, left the pen in the air listening to her scream. Anu laughed, looking at his shocking cute face. He opened his mouth to chide her but like as usual lost in her beautiful smile. His dazzling eyes stared her lovely with a never-ending smile. Her heart thundered looking at his memorizing smile.

She took the pen from the ground and gave it to him. He remembered his work and immediately saved the document, closing the laptop. She ignored his worrying face and sat on the bed comfortably, leaning onto the headboard, stretching her legs in criss-cross position. He turned to her sitting cross-legged, feigning anger.

"What did I say and what the hell are you doing Anu?" He asked seriously but she knows him too well.

"That's from tomorrow, Deep sir, "

She smirked, taking off the cakes and placed in front of him. She brought his favorite red velvet and her favorite black forest cakes both their mouths waters looking at the delicious cakes. His anger was long forgotten feeling the aroma of the cake but remembered his workout sessions. She was lost in his handsome face.

As usual, Anup started the diet tantrums and Anu threatened him she'll eat only if he accompanies her. She learned the tactics to handle his dietary tantrums and he too loves her pampering. Finally, after a few debates, he started eating. She took a breath of relief and had her cake. She couldn't gulp a single morsel due to nervousness. He observed her poking the cake with numerous expressions.

"Cutie, do you wanna eat something else?" He asked with concern.

'You made me fall for you hard because of your care, my Rockstar, ' she thought.

She put the cake aside. His eyes wandered on her every action curiously. He was sure something was wrong.

"I want to say you something, " her voice been too nervous. He frowned licking the spoon.

'What's wrong with her?' His mind whispered.

'Come on, Anu. You can do it, ' she thought.

She was boosting up the courage to spell those magical words. Only one thing flashed in his mind.

"Did those witches troubled you again? Damn it, I'll sue them, " his eyes burned in anger.

'Oh, my biriyani, why doesn't he listen to me first?' She thought.

"No, Anup..." she sang with a frown. He keenly observed h

dering delightfully looking into each other's intense gaze. Her fingers are still tangled in his soft hair. His right hand was still lying on her stomach. Their intense gaze inwardly made them naked.

His wicked mind though to play the naughty game. He took the cream and pasted on her lower lip. She was lost in his intense gaze and felt something cold on her lower lip. Her tongue immediately tried to lick it. He guessed it and immediately pulled her chin with his right-hand fingers. He sensually bites his lower lip, looking at her delicious lips.

"Don't, it's mine, " he whispered huskily on her lips.

She shivered and lost in his dazzling eyes. He lazily licked the cream making her mouth water. He smirked and sucked the droll making no space for her to react rather than to fondle his hair.

'Oh, my biriyani, what's happening to my body?' She thought feeling wet somewhere which she can't figure out.

Her body burned with the desire to his sensual actions. His fingers lazily traveled to her left bosom, sucking her upper lip. She moaned, biting his lower lip. He groaned, squeezing her bosom. She gasped, he explored her mouth with ease. He was groping the hell out of her bosom. She was pulling his hair exploring in his passion. They both crawled to a different world enchanted in their passionate love.

Then the realization hit her. If this passion continues, they would be drowning in each other's love, naked rolling on the bed.

'Oh, my biriyani, how to stop this erotic Rockstar?' She thought.

Without a second thought, Anu pushed him.


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