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   Chapter 27 His Love Won My Insecurities

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 7358

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:14

Anudeep's POV

My breath, my soul, my life came back to me with her text. Last night I didn't sleep a wink nor today ate a morsel. I felt like my precious thing snatched from me. I didn't dare to look at her the whole day. Last night her expressions still flashed in front of my eyes. After meeting her, I got confident to gain her back.

Finally, my dream came true. Her soft plumpy body held me tightly while I'm driving. I don't understand why I behave like a jerk with her. I just want to feel her body close to me but she warned me with her beautiful round eyes. After that, I didn't trouble her not because of her threat but to take her with me. I knew she didn't have a bike ride and I been lucky to be the first in her life.

I left her in the hall and ran to have a cold shiver in this mid-winter to control my hormones forgetting that she knew Nanna. I mentally prepared to explain her clearly going down. She was engrossed in the pictures and didn't ask about Nanna. Even I didn't pull the string but thought to divert her naughtily. Her reaction scared me but ignored and eat the food. Since morning, I didn't eat anything not because of diet but with the heavy heart.

She pushed me to the friendship zone which surprised me. Her beautiful round eyes depicting love but her words confused me. I kissed her, she didn't push me immediately. It's not that she desired to be kissed. I know she has many desires and fantasies but they are sacred. She kissed me because she loves me. I apologized and promised her.

She was insecure and not ready to take the step. I got clarified and took an oath to help her the way she deserves. If she wants me as a friend for life long then I'm ready to be the one. I'll support her, encourage her, care her, and love her the way she wants. She deserves true love, happiness and I'm ready to give her in any way. Her eyes, her actions, her feelings, her love and she herself shown pure love.

I got scared to take her to Rhythm Land but her reaction made my heart leap in joy. She spelled those magical words though she covered it still she said it out. I controlled my thundering heart and spend the best day of my life. After ages, I'm happily goin

rt. His pain, his tears, his lonely state would pierce my heart. I would try my best to support him whenever he remembers his parents. I'm a born orphan but Anup case was different. I don't know what and how to make him feel better. He would sleep in my lap silently shedding tears and I would caress his hair. After a few minutes, the naughty Anup will be back and troubles me to the core. Nowadays, I have been pestering to come out of his doomed shell but he easily diverts me with food. I wish God gives strength to my Anup.

I directly went to the other room to wash my hands and legs and came to Anup's room. I got surprised seeing his room for the first time. My pictures dangled to the wall like in his Rhythm Land. I didn't say anything as I said in Rhythm Land but my heart busted in joy.

I peeked to see Anup sat cross-legged position on the bed. He wore a white full hands tee shirt with red horizontal lines on it and black shots. He was busy on his laptop, taking some notes on the book and his fingers as usual tapping on his knees. His forehead filled with frown and eyes are busily working.

'Oh, my biriyani, my Dream King Rockstar is making me insane, '

I'm always curious about his work. He never shared it nor I bugged him. I knew he would reveal his secret agent work when he wants. So, like as usual I ignore his work.

"Anup..." I screamed, entering inside. He got startled with worthy expressions.


Love, April Melody.

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