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   Chapter 26 His Rhythm Land

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Anupama's POV

"You cook?" I asked frantically.

"What do you expect from a foodie like me? I learned it from Maa. I'm not any best but I cook well, "

"Awe, my Rockstar! You're amazing but I don't know cooking, " he laughed. His melodious voice resonated in my ears.

"My Teddy Bear! Cutie is the perfect name for you, " he said and pinched my left cheek.

"Argh, Anup, " I swatted his hand, rubbing my cheek but his laughter was not ready to end.

"Why are you calling me, teddy bear?" I pouted. It sounds nice but...

He cupped my cheeks, "I can never make fun of you, Melody. I have immense respect for you because of the way you faced numerous troubles alone in your life but still, loves to be yourself. If I had ten percent of your strongness, I would be happy with my real self but not a big deal as I can see myself in you. You're my replica, Anu. My precious Teddy Bear, " he said gazing me lovingly, caressing my cheeks with his thumb. My heart beamed with pride and happiness. My Rockstar loves me so much.

"You don't need to be serious for it. I'm just kidding, " I said with a pout. He again pinched my cheeks. I screamed in pain, swatting his hands. He was enjoying my condition and finally left my cheeks after he got satisfied.

"I just love your bubbly dimple cheeks, " he declared laughing and leaned onto the kitchen slab. I rubbed my cheeks feeling the burning sensation. My heart skipped its beat but I kept looking away scared of his love.

'I'm easily drowning in his dazzling eyes, '

"Should I tell you a thing? But you shouldn't make fun of me, " he pointed his finger with a pout.

"No, no, no, " I feigned like a good girl, nodding positively. I'm sure will tease you Mr. Rockstar.

"I have a huge collection of teddy bears till I was eleven years old. Maa would tease me like hell. I should be a girl but unfortunately born as a boy. I would get angry but she would pacify me with my favorite food. As I don't have real friends I loved to share my happiness and sadness with those cute teddy bears.

"They'll not judge me like my so-called friends but the man in me grew up and I finally, left the teddy bears. Nanna gave them to the orphanages. After ages, I found a real Teddy Bear and I would call her always with the dress co

ank you so much, Anup. I love you, my Rockstar, " I halted roaming around, hearing his gasp and turned back to him. His eyes are begging me to say it again with love.

'Anu, you seriously can't shut your mouth, '

"As a fan, " I said with a sheepish smile.

His dazzling eyes held disappointment, He heaved a long sigh and smiled, strolling to me. My heartfelt heavy but I don't have any other choice rather than to hurt him. He took off a shinning white cloth. A big black piano shone in front of my eyes. I giggled and pestered him to play the music. He played the melodious soothing music making my heart thunder loudly.

I enjoyed a lot in his company, his music, his words, his tales and mainly in his pampering.

"Okay, Anup. I'll leave, it's getting late, " I said looking at the round beautiful round black watch in the hall.

"Hey, wait. I'll prepare dinner, " I held his palm.

"Please, Anup, " I kept my best puppy eyes. He laughed, trying to pinch my cheeks. I took a stepping with a pout, glaring him.

He chuckled, "Okay, come I'll drop you, " said taking long strides.

"No, I'll go please Anup, "

"Order me, I'll think about it, " I sadly pouted requesting him with my eyes. He didn't pester much.

Finally, I bid him bye, giving the treat money to him. I came to my hostel eating a full meal which I love the most in Shanti hotel near my college. This is the best day of my life. I got confident to win my insecurities, my love, his love and him, my Dream King Rockstar.


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