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   Chapter 25 Just Friends

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 5565

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:10

Anupama's POV

'Anu, just control, '

I turned back to the picture. He was looking too cute and innocent in the picture. He stood to my left side, looking at me. I caressed his cheeks on the picture.

"You're the cutest. I wanna pull your cheeks and eat you up, " I tried to pinch the picture.

"Here you go, " he bent, showing his cheeks. I gasped and gaped him, gulping hard.

'Oh, my biriyani, Anu can't you control your stupid mouth, '

I smiled, "I would love to but I want those cute bubbly cheeks, " I pointed to the picture. He was truly the cutest kid.

He heaved a sigh, "Well, it's highly impossible in this birth but we can do one thing, " he excitedly rubbed his palm.

"What?" I got amused, turning to him.

"This..." He pulled my cheeks.

I groaned chanting, "Anup, leave me..." I tried to swat his hands. It hurts a lot, he was pulling hard, laughing his heart out. His melodious voice resonating in the hall but my cheeks are hurting. Finally, he left my cheeks with a satisfactory smile. I caressed them feeling pain with a pout.

"Awe, you're cute dimple cheeks are all red. Wait, let me kiss away your pain, " he came closer to my face.

'Oh, my biriyani, stop him. His intimacy is not good for my plan'

"I'm hungry. Let's eat, " I said, moving towards the sofa. I didn't felt him following me. I turned back and saw him standing like a statue.

"Anup, "

He smiled, following me. Sorry for troubling you Anup but trust me it's for our good well. We started eating silently. I was eating a sandwich, he was eating chicken roll busily. He didn't have lunch and I'm sure even breakfast too. I'm thinking of ways to execu

aw his retarded back and heaved a long sigh once he disappeared from my sight.

One thing I observed was he calls my name only when he's serious. His endearments are making my heart thunder. But I was still confused about his sudden kiss.

'Why his lips are so tempting?'

There was a spark in his eyes after we parted from the kiss. Everything is getting hard and I hope to manage it well.

He was taking a long time, so I strolled lazily to the kitchen, having a feast to my eyes of this beautiful mansion. The house was really beautiful and looks costly. Anup is really a billionaire. His back was facing me and his face turned to his left side, leaning onto the kitchen slab. He stood like a statue looking nowhere at particular. I'm sure he was hurt to my decision but I promise to make you happy Anup.

"Do you need any help, Anup?" He got startled, turning back to me. The kitchen was very big and beautifully furnished with wood. I stood to his right side.

"Hey, nothing. I was just thinking what to cook?" He said looking at the fridge. I got surprised and smiled like a fool.


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