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   Chapter 24 My Naughty Dream King Rockstar

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 5463

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:09

Anupama's POV

My Dream King Rockstar's dazzling eyes gazing me intently. He sat on his sexy bike, leaned on his front with the support of his red helmet. He wore a blue jacket on his black shirt.

'Oh, my biriyani, is he planning to kill me?'

"I thought, you'll never talk to me, " he said with a cute pout.

'Awe, my Rockstar. It can never happen, '

"Oh, my biriyani, did I ever stop chatting with my Rockstar? Then how will I leave him after knowing him directly?" I asked, going to him. He chuckled, gesturing me to get on his bike. His melodious voice resonated in my ears. I got excited, taking a step but the reality hit me.

"Anup, I'm scared. This is my first bike ride, " I gulped, looking at the sexy bike. I love bike rides but never got a chance.

"Do you trust me, Anu?" His deep passionate voice skipped my heart beat. Suddenly of nowhere, he asked me the perfect question which I'm craving to prove myself. I trust only him in this whole world but scared to admit it.

"Yes, but..." I was cut off with his memorizing smile. He was smiling as if he won a gold maybe diamond mine.

"So stop worrying much with your silly brain and hook on, " he said with a smirk.

There a kind of naughtiness in his dazzling eyes. I can't defy this musical hunk. He guided me and I finally sat astride. He gave me another black helmet which I didn't observe till now hanging to the right handle.

"So, my place?" He asked looking into the left mirror.

"Sure but I'm hungry. Can we buy something please? And this is my treat, " I declared.

"Your order is my command, Angel, " my breath stuck in my throat. Never

, I think beautiful is a small word for her. Her almond eyes, perfect face structure, her long hair. I'm sure his father was a lucky man to get her. And Anup was the cutest bubbly boy. Anyone would love to play with his bubbly cheeks. His lips are too cute, I just wanna eat him alive in these pictures.

There is one picture grabbed my attention. He was around six to eight years. He wore a nice, shiny black and black suit with a red bow, sitting in his mother lap but looks like sitting in between his parents. His father circled his left hand to his mother's shoulder. It looks like he was protecting them from all the demons in the world. They're looking the happy family but no more.

'Why his father looks familiar?'

How stupid I am? Anup was looking like his younger version.

"Hey, " I heard his resonant passionate voice.

He was stepping down rubbing his palm with a weird expression which I can't figure out. He wore an orange tee shirt with white night pants. He was looking sinful hot with his wet messy hair.

'Oh, my biriyani, Anup stop killing me!'


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