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   Chapter 23 My Insecurities

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 5570

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:07

Anupama's POV

I shivered with the chill breeze, hugging myself. I mentally smacked my forehead forgetting my jacket.

'Oh, my biriyani, when this cyclone effect will reduce?'

Last night events flashed in front of my eyelashes. Again I pinched my right shoulder and heaved a relieved sigh. Since morning, I was pinching the hell out of my skin getting scared as it's not one of my fantasy dreams. But it was still like a dream.

The beautiful garden, the shimmering lights, the cocktail swimming pool, the patio curled with flowers and lights and the whole Kalala Rajyam was a fairy dream.

His music, his lyrics, his song, his resonant passionate voice and him are a melodious dream.

His touch, his masculine aromatic fragrance, his breath, his kisses, his taste, his teasing, his naughty smirk, his winks and him are an arousing dream.

His endearments, his patience, his care, his affection, his warmth and him are a passionate dream.

The food, out chat, the facts, his tales, his past, his emotions, his tears, his words and him are an emotional dream.

His confession, his feelings, his love and him are a scary dream.

Never in my nightmares, I thought Anup and Deep are one. I couldn't figure out his resonant passionate voice. I felt happy each second I spent in his presence until his confession.

It's not that I hate him or something but I got scared. The moment he spelled those magical words my heart floated in the clouds. I felt the luckiest woman in the world.

But... But... My insecurities flooded.

He was like me hefty back in his life but got humiliated of himself. He turned out an unknown person to himself. He controls

have decided to fight back my insecurities. I fought with the most horrible things in life alone. The hunger, cruel society, money, people and what not. Now, why not my insecurities? It's going to hurt him but still, I want to enter his world by myself. I can't ask him to pull me to his world. I'll do it by myself though it's selfish to think only about me, still, I'll do it. For me, for him, for us and for our future.

Since morning, I observed him. He was not himself. I even observed the dark circles under his eyes. He didn't have food at lunch. And mostly he didn't glance at me not even for once. So, afternoon, I texted him that I want to meet him. He texted me to be at Brundavan colony bus stop after the classes. It's just two stops away from my college. I was waiting for his arrival.

I was surprised knowing Anup and Deep are one but I knew Anup very well. He always wants to be in his doomed shell. He was scared to come outside and invite the world to his life and I understood the reason behind it. He...

I heard a continuous honk and raised my head to get the live feast.


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