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   Chapter 22 I Confessed But...

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 6196

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:06

Anudeep's POV

I held her right palm in between my palm. "You don't need to be embarrassed in front of me. I had been in this bulky world. So, relax, " she smiled but still awkward. I thought to divert her.

"Wait, I'll bring the guitar, " with that, I scurried to the patio and came back.

She was looking at me and covered her body again. My white balloon Teddy Bear was back. I smiled and straddled to her right. She turned to me totally and sat, supporting her palm to the chin. I smiled and tuned the guitar.

I started humming my third song. This is the first song she saw on my YouTube channel and fell in love with it.

'The digital era... Aaa... Aa...

Click, click...

The digital era... Aaa... Aa...

Post, post...

We're chasing after digital likes, Ignoring the morning sunshine, We're chasing after digital comments, Ignoring the bird crippling, We're chasing after digital shares, Ignoring the children giggles, We're chasing after digital filters, Ignoring the moonlight, We're chasing after digital social profile, Ignoring the beauty of nature, We are chasing after the digital world, Ignoring the joy of life...

Hooo... The joy of life...

Hmmm... The joy of life...'

I hummed the rhythm strumming the guitar. I reduced the pitch of my voice and strummed accordingly. I ended it with just first para strumming the guitar softly. She clapped cheerfully.

"Wow, Anup. My dream came true. I'm lucky to see you while singing, " she said in one breath.

I smiled keeping the guitar aside and sat on my knees in front of her. She gaped with heavy breath. I was not any less. I held her right palm. It was cold but mine was too cold.

"How and when it all started, I don't know but trust my feelings, " I paused.

'Just straight away come to the point without confusing her, ' my mind whispered.

I took a deep

nce smile and took her clutch from the sofa. She gave me a gift with a smile. I mentally thanked all God's in the world, opening the gift curiously.

"Wow, " it's a gold color guitar keychain with stones embedded A letter on it. Perfect for my bike keys. She was adoring me. I just want to cuddle and kiss her.

'For sure she'll run away without glancing back, ' my mind whispered.

We reached the car and I instructed my security Prasad to drop her as my driver already been her cab driver.

"Anup, can you please tell him to drop me near the hostel or else..." she trailed off with a concerned face.

"Do as she says, " I instructed him. I didn't extend the matter, understanding her situation. She smiled and hooked in the car. I knocked on the glass door. She descended it with a smile.

"Bye, " I said, bending.

She mouthed, "bye, " waving her right arm.

I gestured Prasad to leave. She went off leaving me alone. My heartfelt heavy again the emptiness crept in the air. I sauntered to the bed and saw all the things. I took the bedsheet from the ground, placing it on the bed. All the events flashed in front of my eyes. I slumped on the bed, hugging myself feeling cold. I wish everything goes well.


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