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   Chapter 21 I Found My Replica

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 5876

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:04

Anudeep's POV

"Kavya, till now I lead a lonely life but I'm happy for what I am. Food makes me happy and trusts me, I don't need anyone. And you're there right?" Anu answer glittered my eyes with tears.

Well, if I would be strong like Anu then I would be happy with myself.

"You and your annoying philosophy but mark my words. No man wants a fat girl like you, " Kavya's voice was too rude.

"It's okay Kavya. Even in not dreaming to get a handsome hunk as a boyfriend or something else, " Anu said munching. Kavya sighed. I smirked, loving her positive nature.

'I don't understand, plumpish people are not humans or what?' My mind whispered.

"Okay, Harsh is waiting for me. I'm leaving, " Kavya said.

'Will Kavya pay the bill?' My mind whispered.

I angled the phone to see them. Kavya took the money and gave to Anu.

"You gave extra, " Anu said, giving the remaining money.

"Relax, give me when you have, "

"No Kavya. I'll get my payment next week. I can manage, "

"See Anu. I know I'm rude but trust me I do care for you. I just don't like your fatness but I like your company. So, chill and ask me whenever you need help, don't hesitate. For now bye and don't get senti and all, " I heard chair moving sound. "Oops, you even eat this, " with that she left.

Kavya is not a bad person but she can't be rude too. I angled my phone to the sideways to peek at Anu but I can't see her. So silently ate my food. My heart was heavy so I couldn't enjoy the delicious biriyani. I sat there after paying the bill waiting for her to leave. I don't know why but I don't want to leave Anu alone. I want to comfort her but as usual scared to approach a stranger.

Finally, she got up and I followed her. She walked slowly with a cheerf

her milky skin and came back to her beautiful round eyes.

"You have rights to order me, Angel, " I stated looking at her alluring luscious pink lips. She blinked innocently, chuttering.

"Can you please sing my first favorite song?" She asked with desperate eyes. I went close to her, she bent back more.

"Order me, Melody, " I said huskily.

She blinked with an open mouth. Her alluring luscious pink lips and feminine mild fragrance were tempting me. I leaned on more and she suddenly lost the balance and fell back on the bed with a thud. She got embarrassed and tried to get up.

"Oh no. Sorry, Angel. Come, " I felt guilty and pulled her chanting, "Sorry."

She tried to take my support. I know moving a hefty body in the state of embarrassment was hell. Finally, she sat and I covered her with the bedsheet, sitting to her right side. She pulled it down feeling the sweat. She huffed and licked her dry lips. I gave water and she drank it.

"I'm truly sorry for the stunt, Angel, " my voice was low.

"I'm fine Anup. Please don't be sorry, " she assured me with a smile. She sat silently with heavy breath, fidgeting with the bedsheet.


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