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   Chapter 20 I’m Not One Day Secret Admirer

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 6037

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:03

Anudeep's POV

"I sat back to you at lunchtime. Trust me, my breath hitched finding out the fact, " I smiled looking at her cute expressions. The ice cream was literally falling out of her mouth. I want to devour her luscious lips. She gulped and cleaned her mouth with the tissue. She really wasted ice cream cleaning it with tissue.

'I would take the privilege to clean her mouth right?' My mind whispered.

"Oh, so you're my one-day secret admirer?" She said licking the ice cream on the spoon.


"Yesterday you found me right?" I nodded

"Then you're my one-day secret admirer, " she declared with blush, still licking the spoon. I laughed loudly. She was adoring me with a beautiful smile.

'Can anyone be cuter than my Teddy Bear?' My mind whispered.

"Nope. One year, two months, eighteen days back, I saw you, "

"What?" She gaped, blinking rapidly.

"That's a long story. I still remember the day I saw you. I was spending a lonely life busy with my business and music. One Sunday evening..."

Flashback ON

I was roaming on the road on my Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 but halted at the roadside to receive the call. My P.A called to confirm about tomorrow's meeting. I heard children giggles and turned to my left. The cute children eating their favorite ice cream chattering in groups with blissful giggles. I smiled, looking at a cute little girl, she went a bubbly young lady and kissed her cheeks.

The bubbly young lady easily weighs eighty plus kgs wore a knee-length white and pink floral frock with matching ornaments. She was really looking beautiful with her dimple smile. She must be around twenty years for sure. She was looking like a teddy bear, like a baby pink color teddy bear. She was smiling adoring the kids.

Few kids thanking and trying to grab her at

er phone and I can't see Anu, so I locked my phone and placed it on my left side. Their order arrived and mine came later. I forgot everything and devoured the delicious biriyani.

'Damn, here the food was so tasty, ' my mind whispered.

"Anu, I'm going to my home town for a week. I'll take xerox of your notes and you need to clear my doubts. Okay?" Kavya demanded.

"Sure, don't worry and enjoy a lot, " Anu said cheerfully. I can imagine her cute face. She resembles someone but I can't figure out.

"But you'll miss your boyfriend, " her tone was disappointed.

Kavya laughed, "Well, we have our own plans, "

"Awe, couple goals, "

"Even you can have but not with this bulky body, "

'God this annoying judgmental people, ' my mind whispered.

My heart pricked feeling the long silence between them.

"Why don't you lose weight?" Kavya asked.

"And why should I lose?" Anu said with a mouthful of food. I smiled hearing her answer.

"See yaar. You're already orphan and there is no one to guide you. If you be fat like this no one will love you and don't even dream about marriage, " Anu giggled. My anger roused to peaks.

'What the hell was Kavya's problem?'


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